Hanging Bird Bath

The blur of colors as birds dally from one place to another is a sight most of us cherish. However, it is quite difficult to attract these vibrant birds. Often birds do not pay a visit even when you install bird feeders. However, you do not need to get disappointed because having a hanging bird bath might just be the solution for you!

The easiest way to get the birds to come closer is by keeping a bird bath in your garden or terrace. Read on if you want to learn how to attract birds using hanging bird baths. By following these techniques, you will find a huge influx of birds in your yard.

What is a Bird Bath?

A bird bath is an artificial shallow pond where the birds bathe and cool themselves. They also may drink from the bird bath. It can also function as a garden ornament that helps the birds, especially during the summer season or drought periods. Artificial bird baths increase the micro-habitat support and provide a reliable supply of water all year long.

Birds need water for preening and drinking. Water is essential for birds to keep their feathers in good condition. It helps keep their body cool from the inside out.

What is a Hanging Bird Bath?

Small garden birds need a constant and dependable supply of fresh drinking water, particularly if they are eating seeds. The water is used for both drinking and bathing purposes. Birds are most vulnerable to predators when bathing, so they are less at risk from a surprise attack if the bird bath is situated at least two meters above the ground.

These bird baths are hooked onto the deck or a secure hook, the chains used in these bird baths are rust-free so they won’t poison the birds. Hanging bird baths should be shallow so that small birds do not drown. If the bird baths are deep it is advisable to place a few stones at the bottom of the bird bath.

Place a stone in the center of your bird bath so that the birds have a place to stand for secure footing. A terracotta or a plastic bird bath is advisable. Glass bird baths are environmentally friendly but are dangerous because they crack when the temperature of the water or the surroundings changes. The ideal trees and shrubs for a hanging bird bath are the American elderberry, oak, flowering dark wood, blue spruce, and the Parthenocissus quinquefolia.

Types of Hanging Bird Baths

Wall Hanging Bird Bath

Wall hanging bird baths are mounted up against the wall. They have an extending piece and a bowl at one end. The extending piece is mounted on the side of the house, on a fence, or on the side of a barn or outbuilding. One advantage of using the wall-hanging bird bath is that it’s protected by the roof so that debris and dirt do not fall in the water.

Traditional Hanging Bird Bath

Hanging bird baths are suspended using a shepherd’s hook from a tree branch in your garden or from the deck.

Are Hanging Bird Baths Good for Birds?

Hanging bird baths are specifically good for birds because they provide a safe space out of predators’ reach, especially domestic cats. These are placed in between the trees, and are one of the best bird baths because they are placed in the bird’s natural habitat. Hanging baths are the only bird baths that can be placed in the trees.

Should Bird Baths be Placed in the Sun or Shade?

These bird baths should be placed in the shade to keep the water cooler and fresher. If the bird bath is hung on a tree branch, it is better as the birds will preen themselves on the nearby tree. One benefit of using the hanging bird bath is that you can hang it outside of your window and relish the view as birds bathe, splash, and play. Position the bird bath within ten feet of a tree or shrub in a shaded region to reduce the growth of algae.

Maintenance Required for a Hanging Bird Bath

Cleanliness must be kept in mind while keeping water for the birds especially because stagnant water can get murky very quickly. Water has to be refilled at intervals since it is outside water, it evaporates at a faster rate. Thoroughly clean your bird bath two or three times a week.

To keep the bird bath fresh so you can attract birds, clean the bird bath with one part vinegar mixed with nine parts water. Do not use synthetic soaps or cleansers as they strip off the essential oils that are produced by the bird’s feathers. If the water is left in for several days, then mosquito larvae start growing in the bath which makes it a very bad experience for the birds.

During autumn, the bird baths have to be kept extra clean since it’s a high-risk season for bird diseases. Keep the bird bath close to woody brush or bird feeders, remember not to keep it directly under any wood, falling seeds or debris can muck up the water. Adding a stream feature or a bird bath fountain to keep the mosquitoes at bay and update your bird bath in the winter with a heater to keep the water warm. The bird bath fountain also increases the chances of attracting birds.

Submerge a piece of copper in the bird bath to limit the growth of algae. Copper is safe for birds and also slows down the growth of algae. Sterilize your bird bath twice a year with bleach or chlorine water. While sterilizing, be sure to keep it covered so that the birds do not drink that water.

Never add antifreeze during the winter season to your bird baths as they are poisonous to birds. Glycerin should not be used either as it can saturate the bird’s feathers and make them more susceptible to hypothermia.

Materials Used to Make Bird Baths

Look for a material that will not break easily and can be cleaned.


If you want something that would fit in with the natural appearance, the terracotta bird bath should be considered. The material is durable and blends in with the surroundings, attracting birds easily.


Stone bird baths are not common but add elegance to your space. These are expensive baths, but can blend in with your garden. If you are ready to spend a little extra on your garden decor, then the stone bird bath is the best choice.


Copper is the perfect material for a bird bath because it can withstand a wide range of temperatures. It is a very durable, lightweight, and inexpensive material great for a bird bath.


Concrete bird baths are the most common baths and are relatively inexpensive. They are not the best choice, but are better than most other materials.


Resin is a material that is chosen if you need to make intricate designs. There is no concern that it would break, but it is not a recommended material because the resin bird bath does not give proper footing. Over a period of time, the resin bird bath may become poisonous for the birds.


Glass bird baths are not very popular, but are chosen because they are lighter. These bird baths are not advisable as they can crack with a temperature change and don’t give proper footing for birds. They are also inexpensive and colorful.


Ceramic is a material that doesn’t give proper footing, but if it is glazed properly then it can be used as a bath.

Bird Bath Ideas to Make Your Own

The best bird baths mimic nature’s water sources like shallow pools in streams and puddles. Here are a few bird bath ideas!

Flying Saucer

The base of a flying saucer bird bath is a simple ordinary hanging platter. Make four holes on four corners and the use of rust-free chains. Use a ring to hook the four chains and to hook the ring to a tree or deck.

Go All-Natural

If you do not want to use a hanging platter, then use a shaved coconut shell filled with water. You can add personal touches to the shell and make it welcoming for the birds. Another option is wooden bark, this can be cut into the shape of a bowl and hung on a deck or tree. This is the best option as the tree bark has a natural footing for the birds.

Without Chains

Screw or nail a platter to a tree so that when the birds come to rest on the trees they do not have to fly very far for water to bathe in or drink.

Flip Your Home Lids

You do not have to go far to look for a saucer for bird baths. Pick a lid that has depth and make your bird bath by using chains and hanging it or screwing it directly to the trees. Using this method, you do not spend a lot of money and you can make the birds in your neighborhood happy and chirpy.

These bird bath ideas can be easily implemented without spending a lot of money.

Buying the Right Bird Bath

Most of these bird baths can be found online, in garden shops, or in bird supply stores. Depending on the space in your garden and your budget, a hanging bird bath may be the best option available for you.

While these do not hold a lot of water, they are much less expensive than the other types of baths available. These baths are ideal if you are on a tight budget and still want to provide a sanctuary for birds. They do not come in a wide variety of colors or styles, but it is easy to find one that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bird Bath


While small baths are convenient, a larger bird bath can accommodate a greater number of birds without causing conflict between the birds.

Landscape Proportions

Choose a bath that not only matches the garden but one that has a suitable proportional size as well. The size of your garden should be taken into consideration while buying a bird bath.

Bird Comfort

A narrow lip is more comfortable for small birds to perch on. The materials the bath is built out of should offer a good texture for their tiny talons to grip onto. An ideal bird bath has a depth of one to two inches. Some models have various depths on the different sides of the basin to accommodate the birds of different sizes.

Water Movement

Moving water will attract birds better than stagnant water. Moving water also minimizes the growth of algae and insects which keeps the bath cleaner.


The height is critical for the birds which readily drink water. Small birds are comfortable with taller baths as it gives them a better view of their surroundings.


Natural materials like copper are easier to keep clean as they stay cleaner naturally.


The best bath that can be kept in the yard is one that can be used all year round and provide a reliable water source.


Birds do not look at the price tag of the bath you put out for them. Choose a model that is within your budget and that will suffice the needs of the birds. One where they will be happy after taking a quick, refreshing dip.

There may not be a single bath perfect for your yard, but whatever you pick, make sure it meets the basic requirements for the birds while still in your budget.

Final Words

According to studies the sound of birds chirping increases serotonin levels. Providing a bird bath not only gives the birds a reliable, dependable source of water for drinking and bathing. It also relaxes us and calms our nerves by keeping our thoughts at peace.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to provide a great bird bath. Although cleaning them regularly might seem like an inconvenience, keeping them clean ensures that no diseases are proliferated. So, this was everything about the hanging bird baths, we hope you buy or make one soon!

You can set goals to bird-watch after you have placed your hanging bird bath in your backyard and record your results.


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