Bird Baths

A birdwatching backyard that lures a wide range of bird species has abundant resources for each type of bird native to their area. Providing different bird feeders, colors, perches, and bird baths are the keys to building an effective bird-watching backyard.

A bird bath is an artificial water resource; it usually is a puddle or a small pond used for birds to drink from, cool themselves down during summer, or bathe. A bird bath is useful to help create a microhabitat since they are available year-long with clean and fresh water.

The first bird bath was created in the UK in the 1830’s by a garden design company called Abrahm Pullman and Sons. It was just a simple depression in the ground. Since then, bird baths have been very successful in providing birds with water resources while enabling birders to watch all the different species in their backyards. Here is all you need to know about creating a bird bath in your backyard.

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Bird Baths For Sale

Have you ever wondered how animals clean and wash themselves up? Well, each animal has its own strategy of cleansing itself and maintaining its hygiene. Speaking of birds specifically, they do not have to cleanse much as they don’t walk on the ground. When they soar up in the sky, the airflow may clean out a few dirt particles. However, it is not quite sufficient. In this blog, we’ll be conversing a little about bird baths for sale.

Besides, birds also like to get soaked and play in the water. Particularly in summers, which also helps them keep their bodies cool. Apart from that, they maintain their hygiene by cleansing themselves in water bodies. One of the most common water bodies would be a bird bath.

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Hanging Bird Bath

The blur of colors as birds dally from one place to another is a sight most of us cherish. However, it is quite difficult to attract these vibrant birds. Often birds do not pay a visit even when you install bird feeders. However, you do not need to get disappointed because having a hanging bird bath might just be the solution for you!

The easiest way to get the birds to come closer is by keeping a bird bath in your garden or terrace. Read on if you want to learn how to attract birds using hanging bird baths. By following these techniques, you will find a huge influx of birds in your yard.

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Heated Bird Bath

During winter, the temperature drops drastically, and the water freezes. This makes the water resources scanty for birds. Therefore birds are forced to use snow to meet their needs. A heated bird bath is perfect for this situation.

Heated bird baths are specially made for harsh winters. These bird baths contain a water heater that prevents the water from freezing and making it optimum for the birds to drink from it. It is the perfect option for both bird lovers and birds!

Heated bird baths are not only beneficial to the birds but to the bird-watchers too. As heated bird baths entice birds to visit in the off-season, the birders get an opportunity to observe them in winters.

Read on to how heated bird baths function and how you can make one in your bird-watching backyard to observe the birds in the coldest months.

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Concrete Bird Bath

A concrete bird bath is a beautiful, sturdy option that can be found everywhere. You can install one in your backyard and start bird watching from your balcony! They come in many shapes and designs, so you can decorate your backyard, garden, or any other space while expressing your affection for birds. To know more about bird baths, especially concrete bird
baths, keep reading!

Water is essential for all organisms, including birds. Naturally, birds are also attracted to water, and therefore water is an excellent tool for attracting these feathery beauties! Birds need water for drinking and preening. Water helps regulate body temperature and keeps them cool.

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DIY Bird Bath

Birds have always been eager to take a dive and splash around in water. Be it summer or winter, water has never failed to attract them. Bird watchers have been extremely careful about the fact. Most of them invest in lovely bird baths or craft a DIY bird bath to welcome their funky friends.

But do you know that science has yet not come up with a reason to back the importance of bathing for birds? As of now, the consensus is that bathing helps birds keep their feathers in better condition.

Therefore, despite all uncertainties, it becomes needless to say that if you wish to welcome the groovy, winged visitors to your yard, you must provide them with a space to cool off. In this article, let’s focus on the multifarious ways of putting together a simple yet elegant DIY bird bath.

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Bird Bath Ideas

Bird baths are not merely a garden ornament, they are often a cooling respite for birds from the scorching heat. It is a myth that not all birds use these baths. In fact, even those who are not interested in nectar or seeds visit these mini oases to drink fresh, clean water. Birds also use baths for preening themselves, especially if you use some great bird bath ideas.

Did you know that some classical paintings depict bird baths in the gardens of Ancient Rome? Yes, bird baths were used to attract our beautiful feathered friends, even two millennia ago! Listed below are some excellent bird bath ideas that will attract a variety of gorgeous birds to your garden and bring it alive with melody and color.

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Bird Bath Bowls

Bird bath bowls are more than sculpted bowls filled with water. They are beautiful architectural bird baths designed especially for your feathered friends to drink, bathe and cool themselves. It can be used as an ornament in your backyard or as an outdoor sculpture.

A bird bath tempts different species of birds to stop by our backyards and gardens, mainly during summers. It’s a great source of water for birds around the year. A good bird bath should be able to mimic the natural water resources. These bird baths should either be like puddles, or shallow pools so that birds can easily slope into the water bowl.

Anyone can make a bird bath bowl with the help of old items lying in their cupboard like an old pan, saucers, and so on. Bird baths provide an oasis for our feathered friends to survive summers. Birds provide us with joy and peace, so let’s provide them with fresh and clean water in return. Keep reading to see how you can provide them with a beautiful bird bath.

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Bird Bath Fountain

Does your childhood remind you of watching birds flock up near your house or perched on a nearby tree? Are you an avid birdwatcher? Do you love to observe these little creatures up close? Do you have a beautiful garden and would like to place a decorative bird bath fountain? If you are someone who enjoys nature, a bird bath is a perfect investment.

If you are wondering where to begin regarding bird baths, this article will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

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Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Who doesn’t love the chirping sound of birds? It is the best way to create a stress-relieving atmosphere and induce a sense of comfort. However, birds are indeed flittery and it is quite tricky to attract them. Most people try luring these feathered beauties by installing bird feeders and bird baths. However, did you know that you can make these bird baths more sustainable and alluring by using a solar bird bath fountain? Yes, that’s right!

We have been using traditional bird baths for a long time now. So get ready because now is the time to move towards a more eco-friendly option that comes in the form of solar bird bath fountains. In this article, let’s first learn about bird bath fountains and then discover all we need to know about solar bird bath fountains!

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