Bird Bath Ideas

Bird baths are not merely a garden ornament, they are often a cooling respite for birds from the scorching heat. It is a myth that not all birds use these baths. In fact, even those who are not interested in nectar or seeds visit these mini oases to drink fresh, clean water. Birds also use baths for preening themselves, especially if you use some great bird bath ideas.

Did you know that some classical paintings depict bird baths in the gardens of Ancient Rome? Yes, bird baths were used to attract our beautiful feathered friends, even two millennia ago! Listed below are some excellent bird bath ideas that will attract a variety of gorgeous birds to your garden and bring it alive with melody and color.

Bird Bath Ideas Based On Orientation


A ground bird bath is the simplest type, and as its name suggests, it is a simple bowl or basin that just rests on the ground. These bird baths can be created with pie plates, plant saucers, or other shallow dishes.

While ground bird baths may not attract all types of birds, it is ideal if you live in an area where larger birds like Ducks or Quails are present in abundance. These ground-dwelling birds do not find it comfortable flying up and taking a sip or relaxing in a bath that’s high up. You can even make ground bird baths more attractive by accessorizing them with
drippers or fountains.


Worried that your garden doesn’t have sufficient space for a freestanding bird bath? Installing a mounted bird bath is the solution to your problems. Mounted bird baths can be easily installed onto the railing of a deck, making it super convenient to enjoy the picturesque sight of birds gracing your garden.

However, the bird bath should be carefully and firmly mounted, so that it doesn’t get knocked off or rocked easily by some larger birds or other backyard animals like squirrels. You should also avoid placing a mounted bird bath in windy areas.


Another excellent bird bath idea, if you’re on a tight budget, is a hanging bird bath. These are essentially small bird baths, with shallow basins suspended from a chain or cord and hung on a garden hook or tree branch.

Hanging bird baths hold only a small amount of water and need to be refilled at regular intervals. But, they can be hung right outside your window so that you can revel in the sight of birds bathing and playing happily. Deeper baths can be quite hazardous as smaller birds may drown.


Freestanding or pedestal bird baths are the most popular amongst all the bird bath ideas because of their wide range of gorgeous design styles. Pedestal bird baths have an elevated basin that rests on a pedestal that’s fixed to the ground.

In fact, these bird baths are also popular amongst many birds, as they can refresh themselves at a safe distance from predators. Though some of these baths may be heavy or bulky in design, they are quite convenient to assemble and install.

Bird Bath Ideas Based on Features


To ensure that your feathered friends have access to water in the early hours of the morning when it is dark outside, you can opt for a lighted bird bath. The best part about using this type of bath is that it can double as a garden lamp.

Therefore, you can save on some landscaping costs by choosing a multifunctional garden ornament. Lighted bird baths can either run on electricity or be solar-powered.


If you choose to install a water feature such as a fountain in your bird bath or want to install a lighted one, you can go the eco-friendly route. A solar bird bath allows you to use the sun’s renewable energy to power the heater or fountain in your bird bath.

Not only will this be a positive step towards eco-consciousness, but since electricity is not used, you will cut down on costs. However, it is important to place the solar bird bath in a location where the shade of trees doesn’t hamper the sunlight.


These types of bird baths feature a fountain with moving water, in addition to a shallow water basin. The fountain types that can be used include spray, bubbler, or gravity-dipping fountains.

A bird bath fountain is a fantastic choice to attract birds to your garden. Its noise and water movement makes the bath more noticeable. Also, since the water circulates throughout the bath, it reduces the chances of algae building up in your basin. Additionally it deters mosquitoes from laying eggs.

It is important to keep the water bowl filled so that the mechanism of the fountain isn’t hampered. A bird bath fountain is not suitable for use in cold winter months, as the water in the pipes can freeze.


If you’re a bird lover and are unable to attract birds to your outdoor bird bath because you live in a colder climate, the heated bird bath is one of the best bird bath ideas for you.

With a heated bird bath you can ensure that your lovely backyard birds have access to fresh, clean water throughout the year.

While birds are well-insulated to keep themselves warm and brace the cold, a heated bird bath will ensure that water doesn’t freeze. This way, your chirping friends stay hydrated. It also ensures that your feathered friends have a source of water that is not frozen especially in the harsh winters.


Tiered bird baths add more aesthetic appeal to your garden’s hardscape in comparison to a bird bath with a single bowl. These baths often have a fountain, from which water cascades down beautifully into bowls at multiple levels.

Though relatively expensive, if you have a lot of birds visiting your backyard, a tiered bath will keep all of them refreshed and hydrated. The sheer number of colorful birds dancing and playing in your tiered bird bath will lift your spirits on a gloomy day!

Bird Bath Ideas Based on Style


Bird baths that are styled traditionally are the perfect addition to your garden. These are usually freestanding, or pedestal bird baths and are commonly made from stone. The pedestal can be carved with some beautiful floral details to go with the context of the garden.

Traditional bird baths are incredibly durable because of the material used to make these. If you opt for this style, you’ll not have to worry about the bath tipping over due to strong winds or larger backyard animals.


For those who want their bird bath to be equally functional and attractive, a decorative bird bath is a perfect choice. This style of bath comes in various designs and styles that are unique.

The best advantage of a decorative bird bath is that not only does it look quite contemporary, but you can find one that matches your outdoor space and personality to a tee. Apart from beautiful carvings, decorative bird baths can also feature intricate sculptures, making them a sight to behold.


A bird bath that has a mosaic bowl will not only serve as an eye-catching piece in your garden but will attract some beautiful feathered friends as well. It is a colorful addition to your garden, and the shine and glimmer of the glass, shell, or tile mosaics through the water are sure to appeal to birds like Magpies.

When it comes to choosing the color theme of your mosaic bird bath, you can opt for natural earth tones or cool shades like white, blue, or aqua. Extremely bright colors may scare away the birds.

Bird Bath Ideas Based on Materials


A stone bird bath such as those made from marble and granite can be used for more elaborate, classic-themed gardens. While these are pretty uncommon, they can add a beautiful, rustic dimension to space and are very durable.

Unfortunately, they are pretty expensive and difficult to relocate or shift because of their bulky nature. Bird baths made from natural stone easily blend into your garden and offer a more subdued look, especially if you have another focal point in your backyard.


Copper is a highly durable material and can withstand the weather fluctuations that outdoor baths are subjected to. It’s also extremely pleasing, aesthetically, and can be a beautiful addition to your garden.

Copper bird baths are one of the most versatile bird bath ideas, as these can be both smooth and textured, as per preference. It is an ideal choice for bird baths in areas with extreme temperature swings and unpredictable weather. These bird baths are also more resistant to staining or algae formation.


Bird baths that use glazed ceramic as a material are extremely appealing and pleasing to see. A ceramic bird bath comes in a range of gorgeous colors that are nearly as vibrant as the birds that visit your garden.

It is important to ensure that the ceramic bird bath that you choose is glazed properly so that it doesn’t crack and cause the water to leak. Also, some types of glazes can cause birds to become sick and should therefore be avoided.


Concrete bird baths are common and popular today, owing to their durability and affordability. These bird baths are also quite heavy and are therefore available in two pieces, that is, the pedestal and the basin.

The most significant advantage that concrete bird baths have over those made from stone, apart from the cost, is that these can easily be painted with outdoor paints. This will give them a fresh new look. It will also keep your garden interesting and add a level of dynamism instead of the same monotonous look.


If earthy tones match the vibe of your garden, then terracotta bird baths are the perfect option. Not only are these bird baths durable, but they will seamlessly complement the natural appearance of your property.

The brownish-red tones of terracotta go well with lush green vegetation. It is your best bet if you want a bird bath that is subtle and doesn’t become the focal point of your garden. After all, your stunningly beautiful feathered friends should be the primary attraction of your garden, right?

Cast Stone

Cast stone baths differ from stone baths, as they come in one modular piece. These, too, are extremely heavy and are the costliest option out of all the bird bath ideas on this list. But, the biggest advantage of a cast stone bird bath, is that it is extremely durable, and by investing in one you’ll never have to worry about any damage to it.

These bird baths, too, can be finished in a wide range of colors, styles, and textures. Overall, it will add a surreal, rustic look to your garden and be welcoming enough for birds because of its natural appeal.


Earlier, glass wasn’t a popular choice of material for bird baths because of its fragile and delicate nature. However, recently its popularity has surged because a glass bird bath is very light when compared to concrete bird baths and is also available in multiple attractive colors and styles.

A glass bird bath is most commonly used as a hanging bath, as it is quite shallow. While choosing these bird baths it is crucial to examine them properly for cracks that may hurt birds. It should also be installed in a secure location so that any rash movement doesn’t cause it to fall and shatter into pieces.

Final Words

Bird bath designs that typically revolved around short pedestals, with basin-shaped bowls mounted on them. Bird bath ideas today include different sizes, shapes, and decorative styles.

A bird bath offers a quick, convenient way to quench the thirst of your gorgeous feathered friends. It also provides them with a safe space for preening, bathing, and playing. The best advantage of all is that the beautiful sight of colorful, happy birds flocking to your bird bath and prancing about will brighten up your day. It will serve as a treat for your eyes!

You can set goals to bird-watch after you have placed your bird bath in your backyard and record your results.


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