Bird Baths For Sale

Have you ever wondered how animals clean and wash themselves up? Well, each animal has its own strategy of cleansing itself and maintaining its hygiene. Speaking of birds specifically, they do not have to cleanse much as they don’t walk on the ground. When they soar up in the sky, the airflow may clean out a few dirt particles. However, it is not quite sufficient. In this blog, we’ll be conversing a little about bird baths for sale.

Besides, birds also like to get soaked and play in the water. Particularly in summers, which also helps them keep their bodies cool. Apart from that, they maintain their hygiene by cleansing themselves in water bodies. One of the most common water bodies would be a bird bath.

What Are Bird Baths?

Bird baths are artificially constructed basin-like structures which hold water in them so that birds can take baths. The water preserved in the bird bath, can be used for cleaning and also quenching the thirst of the bird. They are small enough to contain the bird while it lodges there for a while to cleanse itself.

It is quite essential to ensure that these bird baths are not greater than 3 inches in depth at the center to prevent any chances of birds getting submerged. It usually has a flat-blow structure.

The edges of the baths are quite shallow, and the depth increases towards the center. Anything deeper than these measurements might drown birds down. We do not want our feathered friends to drown; therefore, extra precautions are necessary.

Why Should You Invest in a Bird Bath?

Before buying one, you obviously need some convincing as to what makes bird baths an appealing choice. Bird baths are installed for multiple purposes. The birds primarily use it to clean up themselves and drink the water if they are thirsty.

It helps in removing any dust particles, loose feathers, parasites living on the birds, or debris collected from plumage.

However, another exciting purpose of these bird baths is that they attract birds into the garden or wherever they are placed. Who would not like to start a day with the sing-song chirping of various birds in their gardens? Along with insects and bees, these small birds also help in pollination, bringing more vibrance to one’s garden. Attracting seed-eating birds might be a little bit tough, but other birds come around these baths pretty easily.

Well, if the primary purpose of the user is to attract birds, then a bird feeder would be recommended. These hold the bird seeds and thus attract a wide range of seed-eating birds. Since the birds have an easy source to clean water and regular food, they might never leave your garden. So, a bird bath may be the easiest way to add fauna to the flora of your garden! Exciting, isn’t it?

Different Types of Bird Baths for Sale

Like any other type of product available in the market, bird baths come in a huge range of variety. There are multiple types of bird baths for sale in the market with exquisite designs and suitable sizes accounting for the purpose.

Each type may be different in terms of design, structure, material, or purpose. A few examples include ground bird baths, pedestal bird baths, hanging bird baths, fountain bird baths, heated bird baths, and solar bird baths.

Based on the materials used in building these baths, they could be concrete bird baths, plastic basins substituting bird baths, copper bird baths, marble or granite stone bird baths, and also glass bird baths. Now, it is time to find out what exciting bird baths are up for sale in the market!

Ground Bird Baths

Ground bird baths are the most preliminary kind of bird baths and are technically a regular basin with water placed on the ground, as the name suggests. Any basin or a wide-mouthed vessel can be used as a ground bird bath. Birds which live on the ground such as Ducks, Quails, and Hens can use these ground bird baths as it is quite accessible to them.

Pedestal Bird Baths

If ground bird baths do not sound appealing, go for the pedestal bird baths! Basins and bowls are placed on pedestals rather than on the ground. This adds to the height of the bird bath. These are the most famous sort of bird baths available.

Hanging Bird Baths

A hanging bird bath is an interesting bird bath with it hanging down from the ceiling or even a tree branch. These types of bird baths are the products of creative flairs and these store water in their bellies.

It may be suspended by a chain link or tough cords and wires. As they are hanging, they have lesser capacity. A major disadvantage is that the winds may sway these hanging bird baths. This means that water may spill over, disrupting the original purpose of the bird bath. Henceforth, they are to be placed in less windy areas of the garden but ensure that they are visible to the thirsty birds.

Fountain Bird Baths

A fountain bird bath is the most exquisite bird bath. It is similar to the ornamental fountains that can transform the aesthetics of your backyard or garden. It is very similar to a shower for birds.

Traditionally, they were placed in sophisticated households, but nowadays, they are available in all shapes and sizes. Are you wondering the best part about these? They are available at affordable prices! These days it is nothing short of an essential for many bird enthusiasts.

Heated Bird Baths

Heated bird baths are used in cold climate areas as the birds barely get any water in these places. All of the water freezes up into, ice and thus, the birds are left parched, and in some cases, it may drive them to death.

The purpose of the heated bird bath is to keep the water from freezing into ice and simultaneously maintain a warm temperature so that the birds can drink water comfortably. Here bird baths might be using electricity or thermostats to heat this water.

Solar Bird Baths

Solar bird baths are connected to solar panels, which convert solar energy into heat energy or mechanical energy. This energy may be used to keep the water warm or cause ripples or fountains in the water. But these are not suitable for cold climate areas, as it is very little or almost no sunlight available during the day. Another disadvantage of having solar bird baths is that they are pretty expensive and hence not very commonly seen.

Where to Buy Bird Baths From?

Until now, you have checked some of the most common yet alluring bird baths. You must be convinced and curious about where you can find these bird baths! These bird baths are available on Amazon, eBay, or any other online services.

You can find them in bird supply stores or essential gardening stores too! If you are in love with authentic handmade bird baths, consider a trip to the countryside. Some small shop owners offer customized bird-baths. You can just state your preference or design in mind, and they will make it for you. DIY bird baths are also quite popular, especially for children who love to get their hands on some creative crafts.

To find the best ones, search for “bird baths for sale near me,” and you would get the best results from small businesses providing these elegant products.

Where to Place a Bird Bath

Moving towards the locations of bird baths, they are typically located in open places. This way, the birds can see the bird bath and fly and perch over it. It even provides adequate space for the birds to open up their feathers and take a refreshing bath.

They are suggested not to be placed under roofs or beneath shrubs and small plants. The birds might not be able to see them, and even if they do, they won’t arrive.

What Colors are Ideal for Bird Baths?

The ideal colors of the bird baths are gray, brown, and green. Even in these colors, lighter and more fragile-looking shades are proposed rather than brighter-looking shades.

These colors tend to captivate the apprehensive type of personality in birds such as the Quails, Doves, Thrushes, and ground feeders. White color bird baths are strictly prohibited as they are way too bright and reflective, which frighten the birds.

What is the Best Bird Bath?

While there are a plethora of bird baths for sale, you might be confused about which one to choose, so here are a few tips!

The best bird baths are made up of bare plastic or concrete. These are affordable and satisfy the purpose of the bird bath. The ones made up of glass or ceramic material may seem fancy but may easily break.

As birds come along and claw their feet on the surface of the basin, they may develop cracks in the long run.

Bird baths made of copper or brass metals are known to be self-cleansing as they are made of earth metals. Often, these end up looking dirty because of the filth deposited by the birds. In a nutshell, any bird bath, irrespective of the material, is required to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Interesting Facts About Bird Baths

Do you remember the crow story we heard when we were kids? When a thirsty crow threw pebbles into the deep pot so that the water level would rise. Well, apart from the purpose of the pebbles, they are also fascinating and allure birds into bird baths. Therefore a few bird baths have pebbles on the floor of the basin to make it more interesting.

A few bird baths have sculptures engraved on their walls with intricate designs depicting a story. And would the birds pay attention to this? Well, maybe not, but the designs might still fascinate them. These are mostly installed to create a more divine look to the garden.

Many times birds end up defecating in bird baths. This is why the basin needs to be regularly cleaned, and the water changed frequently.

A waterscape that is found in gardens can also be modulated into bird baths. For this, you will have to bring in rocks and potted plants to this waterscape while still preserving its beauty.

These rocks are to be placed in the water, which would provide a surface for the birds to land in and drink water. Typically as these waterscapes are deep, these rocks attempt at making a few areas shallow and thus approachable to the birds.

This might still scare some birds, which is why potted plants are to be placed along the margins of this water body. While these are just a few attempts, it is still advisable to have bird baths installed rather than just having a waterscape.

How to Maintain a Bird Bath?

Bird baths may seem to be a tedious task to maintain, which is completely false. They are, in fact, quite easy to be cleaned.

The floor of the bird bath should be cleaned regularly after pouring out the used water. This can be cleaned using bleach or olive oil, or any kind of soapy liquid which would satisfy the need.

The water needs to be changed frequently, once every day. As the birds come here often and wash in these areas, they should be clean and tidy. Stagnant water is a breeding site for mosquitoes and green algae.

Final Words

Bird baths are artificially constructed basin-like structures which hold water in them so that birds can take baths. They can be used for multiple purposes like helping the bird quench its thirst, wash, and also add beauty to the neighborhood. Bird baths may be installed in addition to bird feeders, which attract birds and let them chirp around.

Bird baths should be developed carefully abiding by required measurements, 3 inches in the deep and shallow
along the edges. With the range available in the market, it is not challenging to get a bird bath for the little feathered beauties!

You can set goals to bird-watch after you have placed your bird bath in your backyard and record your results.


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