Wisconsin State Bird

Wisconsin is the 30th state to become a US state. It got the news on May 29 of the year 1848. Madison is the capital city of Wisconsin. As for the nickname of the state, did you know it is called the Badger state? The Wisconsin state bird is one of the most beloved ones in America.  

What is the State Bird of Wisconsin?

The designated state bird of Wisconsin is none other than the American Robin. It has been the state bird since 1949. The American Robin won this race by popular voting among school children. In fact, the bird species had twice the vote of any other options among the birds. Wisconsin shares its state bird with Connecticut and Michigan.

What Makes the State Bird of Wisconsin Unusual?

There is actually nothing particularly unusual about the American Robin. Even their call, though extremely sweet-sounding, isn’t something to marvel at. However, waking up to their songs can brighten people’s day. They simply bring about happiness with them whenever they sing. Their appearance also suits this quality of theirs. They are an extremely small bird species with a black upper body and a red chest. The red chest can be on the brown side in female Robins.


American Robin Migration

Wisconsin State Bird Facts

Let’s get to know the Wisconsin official state bird a little more!

1 . Three successful broods are produced by American Robin in a single year. Yet, on average, only 40 percent of these broods manage to be born successfully. By the time November is near, the broods are down to 25 percent. When a year has passed, about half of this 25 percent is still alive. It is truly sad that though American Robins have a lifespan of 14 years, the record for surviving the most years is a mere 6 years for them.

2. American Robins eat a lot of fruits during winter and fall. Sometimes, they end up consuming a massive amount of honeysuckle. When they do, they end up intoxicated. A drunk Robin is somewhat of a funny sight. They seem to become more cheerful than normal and fly around more haphazardly than usual.

3. Robins maintain a routine when it comes to their food consumption. The very early morning sees them specifically looking for earthworms. Once the afternoon is near, they start searching for fruits to eat. They are a frequent visitor to the backyard of most of America. They specifically look for food in the lawns. Sadly, this is one of the reasons Robin tends to die a lot. As American soil has lots of pesticides, they have a high chance of being poisoned from consuming the food from these lawns.

Final Thoughts

The sweet sound of the American Robin is heard all over Wisconsin. You don’t need to go out of your way to find an American Robin. There is a huge chance that Robin will be waking you up from a good night’s sleep by singing in your backyard.


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