Birds in Wisconsin

Birds in Wisconsin

Two of the greatest lakes are bordered by Wisconsin and it also has a running list of more than 15000, albeit small ones. So, it is any surprise that the state attracts shorebirds and wading birds?

What Is The State Bird Of Wisconsin?

The American Robin was chosen as the state of Wisconsin in 1949. The choice was actually made by schoolchildren of 1926-27, who had a preference for the familiar bird they grew up reading about in textbooks. Wisconsin also shares its state bird with Connecticut and Michigan.

What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Wisconsin?

Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge covers about 10 square miles. In fall and spring, the place has lots of waterfowls and a lot of wetland birds nest here. You are likely to spot Henslow’s Sparrow, Virginia Rail, Sora, Grasshopper Sparrow, and Dickcissel among many others.

Wyalusing State Park is where the Wisconsin river and Mississippi join each other. Here , there are plenty of Winter Wren, Acadian Flycatcher, Prothonotary Warbler, Baltimore Oriole and Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


How Many Birds Can You See in Wisconsin?

Birds in Wisconsin touch the species count of 454. The counties of Dane and Milwaukee have just one number difference in species count, 354 and 353 but the species found in the counties can be quite different. Ozaukee, Manitowoc and Jefferson are also counties worth visiting for birdwatchers, with the exciting prospect of coming across 341, 333 and 329 species.

Manitowoc Lakefront is a Wisconsin hotspot for birdwatchers, the current species count being 298. Horicon NWR and Wind Point also fall under some of the nicest birdwatching sites, with about 280 and 275 species for each.

Top Birds To See In Wisconsin

Red shouldered Hawks are one of those rare and top birds in Wisconsin. You can tell that the hawk is well, has red color in their shoulders by the name. Overall, it’s a brown and white hawk species with red splotches on its shoulder. These small, curious little divergences are what makes most birds special.

Whooping Cranes are extremely rare and an endangered species. Of course, people of Wisconsin try their best to show this bird some love when they come across it. This species has really long legs, like most cranes and almost stoops over as if to make itself less intimidating.

Common Birds To See In Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay are all cities used to all kinds of cranes, mostly Sandhill Cranes. House finches are as common as it can get. You might also see lots of Northern Cardinals in the areas. Downy Woodpeckers and even Great Blue Heron are more common here than what most people would assume.

Final Thoughts

Wisconsin has both forest areas and wetlands and the mix of it is appealing if you are looking for birds in Wisconsin as it is for the birds themselves. If you have lots of times on your hands, you can get a shorter trip to all birding destinations in Wisconsin by following the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail.

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