Texas State Bird

Texas is the 28th state to be admitted into statehood. On December 29 of the year 1845, Texas had their proclamation. The capital city of Texas is Austin and it is known as The Lone Star state. The state bird of Texas is certainly not a lonely one, considering how popular it is among states to be chosen as the state bird constantly. Let’s see who it is!

What is the State Bird of Texas?

The Texas official state bird was chosen in 1927. It is a small bird with grey wings and a white chest known as the Northern Mockingbird. These birds love visiting the many backyards of North America and showing off their vocal abilities.

What Makes The State Bird Of Texas Unusual?

Wouldn’t the extraordinary vocal talent of Northern Mockingbird be the most unusual thing about them? Imitating many different sounds as accurately as they do isn’t something many bird species can do, even if they are capable of imitating the call of another bird species.

An endearing but scary quality of Mockingbird is how territorial they are. If they feel like their nests are being threatened, they get really aggressive. Despite being a tiny bird species, when it comes to fighting, they can win from pure aggression alone.


Northern Mockingbird Migration

Texas State Bird Facts

Let’s learn some things about the Texas state bird!

1 . Throughout their lifetime, Northern Mockingbirds pick up on one song after the other. An adult male mockingbird has been known to pick up at least 200 songs. The sounds they pick up on can be the call of other birds, amphibian sounds, or even some mechanical noises like the ones from an engine. Their ability to imitate these sounds are unlike any other bird.

2. Northern Mockingbirds continue their singing strike twice a year. They start somewhere in February and continue up until August. Mockingbirds start on their second round in September and stop in December. They choose different sets of songs based on the season it is. Fall has a specific set while spring has another set.

3. Northern Mockingbirds are seen splaying their wings without any warning. They might open their wings completely or show half of it, but they make sure to show the white stripes on the underside of their wings. It is suspected that they do this to startle any prey they have nearby, mainly insects. Other species of Mockingbird do the same thing sometimes, though they do it a lot less than Northern Mockingbirds and they don’t have the white in their wings.

Final Thoughts

Texas is amongst the many other states that have the Northern Mockingbird as their state bird. A part of the reason for this is how common the Mockingbird is all over North America. In Texas, like many other states, they regularly visit the backyards in your area. You might think there are multiple birds in your backyard due to how Mockingbirds act, but when you peek outside, it would turn out to just be these tiny birds.


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