Birds in Virginia

Birds in Virginia

Birding in Virginia usually includes elevated peaks, refuges near the shore of the Atlantic and lots of urban preserves. Virginia also managed to beat everyone else in becoming the first state to build a birding trail spanning the state.

What Is The State Bird Of Virginia?

The Northern Cardinal became the state bird of Virginia in 1950. This bird species differs from others due to its bright red color and the whistle-like call.

What Are The Top Spots To Go Bird Watching In Virginia?

Curlew Sandpiper, Ruff, and even the Pipe Plover are endangered species can be seen nesting on Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. The salt marsh, forests, shrublands, dunes, and freshwater lands – all make the habitat ideal for even the rarest of the bird species.

Kiptopeke State Park is where Virginia’s resident hawk-watching activities take place. It began in 1977, and at least 19 species of hawks have been recorded in the area. Merlin, Peregrine Falcon, and Northern Goshawk are among the most common hawks here. Warblers and Vireos also visit the area a lot.

Shenandoah National Park has a 105-mile long skyline drive, which means as a birdwatcher, you can stop anywhere and properly explore the trails. You’re quite likely to find Hooded Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, American Redstart among many other birds.


28 Birds You Can See in Virginia While Bird Watching

How Many Birds Can You See In Virginia?

Birding in Virginia gives you the chance to spot 484 bird species if you’re dedicated enough. To get a look at the most common birds though, counties such as     Northampton, Accomack, Virginia Beach, Fairfax, and James City are great options. They have the species count of 414, 386, 384, 321, and 317 respectively.

Chincoteague NWR is Virginia’s obvious hotspot. The species count is 342 and you come across quite a lot of rare birds. Back Bay NWR and Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel can also offer you some diversity in your birding adventure with their count of 322 and 315.

Top Birds To See In Virginia

The Glossy Ibis is a bird with 23 inches of height, dark, brown plumage, and a long curved bill. The straight neck of the bird makes it quite an imposing figure.

Saw-whet Owl is a rarity among the birds in Virginia. Known for its shyness, it tends to be about 8 inches tall. You can hear it roosting amidst a lot of greenery.

Common Birds To see In Virginia

Richmond and Virginia Beach are used to a lot of Common Starling. You will find quite a bit of Vireonidae and Eastern Bluebird in Richmond as well.

Norfolk and Virginia Beach also tend to see a lot of Wood thrush and Chipping Sparrow.

Final Thoughts

Virginia might not be on the top of your list for birdwatching, but it would be a grave mistake to not visit the state. The birding trails will allow you to search for birds in Virginia in peace, something that’s much harder to do in other states.

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