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The Eurasian Hobby

A Eurasian Hobby is a fun bird to see while bird watching. Below are some tips to help you identify Eurasian Hobbies. We have also put together a list of fun Eurasian Hobby t-shirts, Eurasian Hobby bird patches, birdhouses, bird feeders, binoculars, stickers, and other fun bird-watching items.

About Eurasian Hobbies

The Eurasian Hobby is a relatively small and slim falcon often sighted in Alaska. Though, a few have been spotted in North America as strays. It can be considered as an elegant bird of prey as they appear sickle-like in flight with long pointed wings and a square tail. They belong to the falcon family and are relatively fast in flight. Although it is not native to North America, they have some similar traits to those of the Merlin.

Description and Identification

Eurasian Hobbies are falcons that are 11-14 inches long, with a wingspan between 29-33 inches.
These birds can weigh from 6.2-10.1 oz. Adult Eurasian Hobbies have slate-gray upperparts and
white underparts. Their lower bodies are heavily streaked dark gray. The white faces of these birds
are decorated with two black moustachial stripes and their faces have bold black masks. Alike
other falcons these birds have long and pointed wings. As it is extremely difficult to find nests of
Eurasian Hobbies — they are one of the least studied raptors in the world.

Eurasian Hobby Color Pattern

The adult Hobby has slate gray on its upper side while its crown is dark brown. It has short moustachial strips on either side of the beak. The undertail and thighs are unstreaked rufous while the rest of the underparts are white with black streaks. The throat is unstreaked white.

Eurasian Hobby Size

They are fairly small birds with their length ranging between 29-36 cm and a wingspan of 74-84 cm. Their weight ranges from 175-285g.

Eurasian Hobby Behavior

The Hobby often resembles the Swift when gliding with folded wings. Generally, they are fast and powerful in flight which assists them in catching insects like dragonflies. After catching prey midair, they soar slowly in circles while feeding on prey.

Their aerobatic skills and speeds are essential for taking on other birds like Swallows and Swifts. The hawk in the mornings and evenings especially when they are not breeding. Given the fact that they stray into North America, it means they are migratory birds and do so in small groups.

Eurasian Hobby Food

Eurasian Hobbies mostly fulfill their nutritional requirements by feeding on flying insects that are
caught in flight. Beetles, moths, locusts, grasshoppers, crickets, and ants are most of the insects
that are consumed by these birds. Eurasian Hobbies also eat a variety of small birds. The bird
consumption of Eurasian hobbies is especially high during breeding season due to the presence of
many younglings. Finches, starlings, pipits, and larks are birds commonly hunted by Eurasian
Hobbies. These highly agile birds also hunt vertebrates such as bats and lizards. Eurasian hobbies
are great hunters because of their fast and acrobatic flights. These birds are generally most active
at hunting during dawn and dusk. Eurasian hobbies frequently visit roosts to prey on several small
birds that are incapable of protecting themselves from such attacks.

They feed on small insects like dragonflies and beetles. They also catch small birds and small bats while in flight.

Eurasian Hobby Habitat

Eurasian Hobbies are raptors that frequent open wooded areas in their native regions. Wooded
steppes, pastures, agricultural fields, and scrublands with scattered trees are common habitats for
these birds. North American populations of Eurasian Hobbies generally reside in areas in close
vicinity to the coast. Most populations of these birds are found in low altitudes in foothills, but in
certain areas such as India — they can be found in elevations up to 13,000 feet. Eurasian Hobbies
can very rarely be sighted residing in cities or suburbs.

Bird-watching enthusiasts can find them in open wooded areas, fields, and woodland edges. These are semi-open areas with shrubs and trees essential for perching. They can be spotted near the coasts of North America over the summer.

Range and Migration

Eurasian Hobbies are small falcons that can be found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Although most
Eurasian Hobbies are migratory, selective populations can be permanent residents of their range.
A majority of Eurasian Hobbies can be observed wintering in Africa, south China, and India, while
small populations of Eurasian Hobbies have been observed wintering in southern Japan and
northern Europe. These birds are common vagrants that have been observed straying to
Indonesia, Philippines, Northeastern Atlantic islands, and many tropical Pacific islands.
Due to the impressive flying capabilities of these birds, migration is a very fast process for them.
These birds can cover distances up to 776 miles in just two days.

Eurasian Hobby Life Cycle

Eurasian Hobby lays 2-4 eggs and takes 24 days to hatch. Hatchlings stay in their nests for about 30 days before they take their first flight. The Hobby has a lifespan of about 14 years.

Eurasian Hobby Nesting

Eurasian Hobbies are typical raptors that do not build their own nests. These birds use nests
previously occupied by other corvids such as magpies or crows. These nests are often re-used in
the next year but not necessarily by the same pair. Eurasian Hobbies generally chooses nests on
broad-leaved trees and conifers but does not any material to the pre-existing nests. Females lay an
average 2-4 eggs which are incubated for a period of 28-33 days.


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