Michigan State Bird

Michigan State Bird

On January 26, 1837, the 26th state to become a US state was Michigan. The capital city of this state is Lansing. Michigan has two nicknames. One is the respectable Great Lake state, as you can guess, because of the Great lake. The other nickname is a lot more fun and pop-culture savvy – It is called the Wolverine state. Not a nickname that needs any explanation, does it? So which bird has this state chosen to represent?

What Is The State Bird Of Michigan?

The American Robin is the state bird of Michigan. It was the bird selected through an election the Michigan Audubon society partook in. The American Robin has been the official state bird since 1931. It is also known as Robin Redbreast. This is because the chest area of the Robin is red while the rest of its body is usually black in color. According to the legislation, the American Robin is not only the most well-known bird in Michigan, but it is also easily the most loved.

What Makes The State Bird Of Michigan Unusual?

There isn’t anything particularly unusual about the Michigan state bird. Though, the red breasts do make people a little curious. They also have an incredibly sweet call. The call of an American Robin can make your day brighter with its sweet notes.


American Robin Migration

Michigan State Bird Facts

Let’s get to know the Michigan official state bird a little more!

1. During fall and winter, Robins are seen munching on all kinds of fruit. Sometimes, they end up eating lots of honeysuckle. This habit often results in the American Robin becoming amusingly intoxicated.  It is certainly an interesting sight, as they deviate from their usual pattern and fly around as they want when they eat honeysuckle.

2. Robins are creatures of routine. They have designated times to eat particular types of food through the day. The morning is usually for earthworms. As the day rolls around, they start looking for regular fruits. They tend to eat a lot from our backyard. It has been noted that the high percentage of pesticide in American soil has led to the death of a lot of Robins.

3. Robins produce 3 successful broods in a single year. However, only 40 percent of them successfully grow to become young ones. And by the time November rolls around, that number is cut to 25 percent. An American Robin has a lifespan of 14 years. Due to the current environmental conditions though, they only manage to survive for 6 years.

Final Thoughts

It is a bigger surprise if you don’t spot at least one American Robin all over Michigan. North America in general has an abundant population of American Robins. While you might find them perched on the trees or lurking on the ground, you might not notice anything unusual or different about the bird species. That is until your eyes travel to their bright-colored breasts. They’re a species with a call so sweet, it’s a joy to hear them.


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