What do Hawks Eat?

Since they hold their status as Birds of Prey, you can guess Haws are carnivorous by nature. They don’t have any reservations when it comes to their food. From snatching small insects out of thin air, they don’t mind chasing the Hummingbird feeding in your backyard. What do Hawks eat? Pretty much everything.

There have been cases where Hawks have attacked dogs and cats. Again, though, this is a rare occurrence. They aren’t prone to attacking large animals unless they are hungry enough. However, the change in weather and their immediate surroundings could make it hard for them to find food, leading to unexpected attacks.

What do Hawks Eat Based on Habitat?

In the City

A Hawk trying to survive in the city has to resort to feeding on snakes, lizards, bats, and small birds. If they are close to a farm and peep a baby goat, they will even carry the off.

A Hawk’s talon is instrumental in sweeping up their prey. However, the species is not capable of carrying anything that weighs more than them. Therefore, a sheep would not be in danger, but a lamb would be.

In the Wild

The diet of a wild hawk doesn’t have a limit. They don’t leave behind a part of their prey. Even the bones would be devoured.

If the Hawk has chosen a forested surrounding as a habitat, the species will likely feast on lizards, snakes, and insects. However, if the Hawk is perching close to water bodies, the focus would be on amphibians.

Some Hawks eat animals that have been dead for a while. Though, these are young Hawks whose hunting skills have not been developed. If they see easy food, they settle for it. An experienced hunter Hawk delights in the fresh kill.

The seasons have a massive effect on the diet of a Hawk. Spring season, when plenty of bird species decide it is mating time, Hawks find the opportunity for new prey. There is an influx of small birds in the area, which means a feast for these raptors.

Come winter season, Hawks find themselves low on options when it comes to food. Insects and lizards have gone into hiding. Likewise, small birds have migrated away to where there is spring or summer currently.

Hawks are not picky in general. In the winter season, they don’t dare to be. Any creature that passes by them, hawks would attack. This means carrion and rodents mostly.

What do Baby Hawks Eat?

Baby Hawks are carnivorous like their parents. Crustaceans, lizards, insects, etc., are their main diet, especially if they live in the city.

If you come across an injured baby Hawk or an abandoned one, you might be wondering what to feed them. Well, vegetarian diets won’t work, nor are those good for them. So instead, you should slice up meat the way you do for your pet dog.

They won’t drink water in a large amount, and small drops are enough to quench their thirst. So to make it easy for the baby hawk to drink water, you should use a dropper. Remember, they have particularly razor-edged beaks, even as a youngin. If you don’t feel qualified to take care of them, wait for the trained authorities to assist you.

Can You Attract Hawks to Your Backyard?

Hawks do not inspire a sense of protectiveness or adoration in most people. They have a terrible reputation as far as bird species go due to their diet. Not many people would be cool with attracting hawks to their backyard, especially if they have cats and dogs in their homes. A farm owner never wants to call upon a hawk, lest their poultry is ruined.

Yet, their bad reputation does not change the fact that the Hawks can be good for our backyard. The chances of them attacking a big dog or cat are rare. Hawks attacking raccoons, mice, and rats are not.

Hawks are your best friend if you have a small pond with Koi fishes in it. Haws are not swimmers or divers. They are not attracted to fish either. What they do feed on are the animals that do eat fish.

Bringing a Hawk to your backyard is no easy feat. First, you will need large, tall trees with stable branches. They will perch on these branches to scan for their prey. Then, of course, your backyard needs to have the food the Hawks are looking for.

Nuts and growing plants attract the attention of rodents. This, in turn, alerts Hawks. Bird feeders in your backyard attract small birds. Hawks would likely appear to search for them.

The hunting skill of a Hawk also has some influence on their diet. This is the reason some Hawks eat small birds while others focus on rodents. Regardless of their specialty, they will eat anything they can hunt down when they are short on food.

Features of a Hawk

Hawks are known to have clear visions. They have the coveted 20/20 vision and accuracy that surpasses humans eight times over. It is how even when they are in the city, they can spot small animals. Or quickly notice the rodent scurrying
between the trees.

Their beaks are sharp and hooked. It is meant to bite and gnash open the flesh. They use their taloned feet to catch the prey in a hook and sweep them away. Their wings are perfect for flying high and then diving down. They can migrate for thousands of miles.

Final Thoughts

Now, not only do you know what Hawks do eat, but you also know how to attract them to your backyard. So if there is a pest problem you don’t want to deal with, you know who would help.

Hawks have a variety of habitats like their diet. So, there are not any particular places you can go to see Hawks. However, some states are acquainted with more Hawks than others. So, if you are a birder, you can try your luck in Arizona, Nevada, California, and New Mexico.

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