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American Goldfinch

Tips to Identify American Goldfinch While Bird Watching

American Goldfinches are a bright yellow color with some shiny black and white on their wings.

Discover Where American Goldfinches Live

They are found all over North America.

American Goldfinch Conservation Status

Their population is steady, but has seen a small decline recently.

American Goldfinches Favorite Habitat

They build their homes along roadsides and in open woods.

Fun Fact About the American Goldfinch

They are the state bird of New Jersey, Iowa, and Washington.

What American Goldfinch Eat

They eat a strict vegetarian diet and love sunflower and nyjer seeds.

They love to visit backyard feeders if you have these seeds.

Nests for Baby American Goldfinches

They make nests out of plant fibers and spider webs. American Goldfinches lay 4 to 6 eggs.

They make their nests so well it can hold water.

Migration Patterns for American Goldfinch

They migrate during mid fall and early spring.  

American Goldfinch Anatomy

American Goldfinch Activities for Kids

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