Window Bird Feeders

Do you like to feed the birds but don’t have a big garden to do it? Don’t worry; you can make this wish come true with the help of window bird feeders. With the help of bird feeders, you can enjoy watching the birds feeding on your window. This can also be a great family activity, and you can also enjoy watching wild birds from a close angle.

If you like to use these window bird feeders, in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about window bird feeders, including their types, types of birds that will visit, kind of food you can use, and how you can make these birds come back again and again.

What is a Window Bird Feeder?

Window bird feeders are a type of bird feeder that can be attached to windows to feed birds. There are different types of window bird feeders. The most widely used bird feeder is the bird feeder that can be attached to the glass of the windowpane with the help of suction cups. After that, you can fill it with bird food and sit back and enjoy the birds that feed on it.

If you want to make a good connection between the feeder and the window, make sure the suction tube and glass are clean. While loading, push the remaining air out of the assembled feeder.

Different types of window bird feeders are:

Tube Feeder

The Tube Bird Feeder is a perfect bird feeder that provides hours of feeding enjoyment. The long, thin tube has many functions, keeping the seeds dry and providing space for multiple birds to eat at once. Due to its easy maintenance and sturdy construction, the tube bird feeder is a perfect choice for bird lovers. There are different sizes and styles available to choose from, and finding a suitable feeder for the birds in your area is easy.

Tray Feeder

This open tray feeder provides a wide variety of feed for many birds. Tray feeders are preferred by birds that eat from a flat surface, such as Robins. You can also mount these feeders on a pole, railing, or stumps.

Tray with Roof

If you have a tray with a roof, the advantage is that it can keep the feeder dry and prevent rotting and help prevent winter snow. Furthermore, it will also provide shade for birds.

Basketball Feeder

Basketball feeders are perfect for feeding wild birds. They can be used to hold different types of food and fruits.

Benefits of a Window Feeder

According to the Woodland Trust, “It is lovely to see wild birds, and by supplementing their diet, you are really contributing to the conservation of their population.”

When you feed the birds through the window feeder, it actually allows you to observe them closely. When there are many birds outside your window, it looks like a wildlife show. Here are some of the common benefits of window bird feeders.

Close View of Nature

You will get a closer view of nature as wild birds feed in front of your window; you will stay close to nature, whatever the weather is.

A Great Option for Small Spaces

If you don’t have a patio, small garden, or balcony, a window feeder is ideal for you.

Great for Families

Children have a curious nature and love to learn about nature. If your children love to participate in activities like feeding wild birds, it is perfect because watching and feeding birds is a much healthier activity than watching a television screen.

The Ideal Scenario for Perfect Shots

When you have a close-up view of the birds, it means you’ll get great shots. If you have a technical mind, put a camera near the feeder, or you can also do live streaming sequences.

Attracts Small Birds

When you put a feeder in the window, especially if it has a roof, it will attract small garden birds such as Robins, Blue Tit, Sparrows, Goldfinches, and Wren.

Keep Predators Away

If some predators like squirrels and cats are around, a window feeder will provide protection as they are difficult to reach. However, you have to place it at a proper location.

Which Type of Birds Will Visit Window Feeders?

Different types of birds can be attracted to window feeders. According to a survey by the British Trust for Ornithology from the 1970s, the variety of birds visiting the garden has increased by more than 50%.

The different birds that will visit the window feeders are Nuthatches, Robins, Blackbirds, Sparrows, Blue Tit, Chickadee, Starlings, and Golden Finches. It also depends on the type of feeder which type of birds is attracted to them.

What is the Best Feed to Use in the Bird Feeder?

Different types of seeds will attract different kinds of birds. Putting small seeds like millet in the feeder will attract Cobs, Sparrows, and Finches. Other foods like sunflower seeds and peanuts can attract Green Finches and Blue Tits.

It is important to think about the type of feeder and the type of bird you want to attract before putting something to eat. As a general rule of thumb, the more variety you offer, the more species will be attracted to the feeder. Other types of food that can be used in window feeders include:

● Nyjer seeds
● Seed mixes
● Mealworms
● Fruits
● Suet fat balls

Since it takes a lot of courage to get close to the window and close to the human community, place something favorite of the birds in your garden that attracts them. Similarly, place the window feeder in a place where only birds can reach.

How to Clean and Care for Window Feeders?

The first step is to maintain the feeders by refilling the food regularly. All birds will periodically go to their feeders, as a continuous supply of food is also necessary for their health. Bird food that stays in the feeder for a long time will also promote the growth of harmful bacteria.

The hygiene of the feeder is important all the time, but you have to be more careful in the summer months since, in hot climates, the food gets rotten faster. Keeping the feeder clean is also safe for your feathered friends and family. Similarly, it is important to clean the surrounding area from dropping, as it improves hygiene. According to the recommendation of veterinarians, it is important to clean or wash the feeder at least once a month.

When removing the feeders from the window, it is important to clean them thoroughly with a disinfectant or any specific bird cleaning product. When cleaning feeders, use separate brushes for each feeder and wear gloves while cleaning. After cleaning, dry the feeder thoroughly and then connect the feeder to the window and refill it.

Also, it is important to use those types of feeders that are out of reach of the squirrels. Feeders that connect directly to windows are often the ones that squirrels can’t reach.


Placing a bird feeder directly on your window will not only create a lot of interest and entertainment for the whole family but will also help local wildlife thrive.

You can set goals to bird-watch after you have placed your window bird feeder in your backyard and record your results.


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