When to Stop Feeding Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds have too many myths surrounding them. One of them foolishly assumes that if one leaves their hummingbird feeder out in fall, the quick birds would be lured by the easy availability food and won’t migrate. In reality, if you keep the feeder out, you are providing a resting stop for birds who are migrating along the route, rather than for the ones that are already there. However, that means, you have no idea when to put out hummingbird feeders. Well, there are some details to consider.

1 . The Climate

If you live in a region where flowers experience early death during summer or the early arrival of autumn storms are a thing, you might want to consider keeping the feeder out. Bird migration can change a lot due to these events. This way, hummingbirds will have a source of food they can rely on, even if their usual method of acquiring food isn’t possible.

If the flowers in the regions haven’t been the best year-round, well, then you might want to keep your nectar. If that isn’t the case, when the climate is considered, you can stop feeding the hummingbirds for a while; because you know they have plenty of sources from the region.

2. The Location

Most northern birders know early fall is a good time to take the hummingbird feeder back inside your home. Especially in Alaska and Canada, even during late summer, it can be considered safe to remove the feeder without worrying about depriving your beloved bird of food.

For the southern part though, the feeder has to stay up for a long time. In case you live in an area where hummingbirds are present throughout the year, it might be a good idea to keep the feeder out all year round.

3. Migratory Habits

Finding out the exact time period when hummingbirds take part in migration will give you a good idea of when it is time to keep the feeder and when to remove it. Often, male hummingbirds would take the lead compared to the female birds in the region. Usually, the young ones are the last to leave.

If hummingbirds come across feeders during this time period, that is, when they need to stock up on energy before they prepare for a long flight- they tend to remember the spot and come back yearly. So, if you want to keep attracting hummingbirds, that is the peak time to leave the feeders out.

This is also the peak time to remove the feeders if you don’t want to attract hummingbirds.

Final Thoughts

Birders have taken to journaling to note when hummingbirds tend to come in their area versus when they leave. This gives them a good idea of when to leave the feeders out and when to not. If you are planning on feeding hummingbirds, this might be an endeavor you would be interested in. This will give you a proper idea of when to stop feeding hummingbirds.

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