Oriole Bird Feeders

Orioles are one of the highly desirable and beautiful backyard birds. If you are using proper feeders, provide them with the proper food that is suitable for these birds so that you can enjoy the visit of these yellow, orange, and blackbirds during the summer and spring. Along with putting up Oriole bird feeders, you can place a feeder camera to look at these birds more closely.

It’s always exciting to see Orioles in the backyard because these birds are not only beautiful, but they are also a sure sign that summer is near, as most orioles return to their breeding range in May.

If you see many Orioles in your backyard, you will fall in love with their melodious voice, and they will also make you feel relaxed. According to a study by the University of Queensland, those who live close to the environment, with more trees and more birds, will experience less anxiety, stress, and depression.

But how will you attract Orioles in your backyard? It can be challenging. There are Oriole bird feeders available that can be used in the backyard to attract birds. Here’s a complete guide to the Oriole bird feeder, how to use it, where to place it, and how to attract birds to it.

Where to Place an Oriole Feeder?

Orioles have a feeding nature exactly the opposite of Cardinal birds. Orioles generally feed on the treetops, so it is important to make the bird feeding station at a height where Orioles easily detect them. You can also hang a bird feeder on the upper branches of trees. You can also place them on the intertwined branches in the bushes.

Getting an orange feeder is also important because Orioles are attracted to shades of orange. However, the expert says that no matter which feeder you choose, it will take a while for these birds to find their way to the backyard. Even if they notice the feeders, the chances are high that they won’t get to the feeders right away.

Another important thing is that these birds are quite demanding and will roam the entire area before landing on their feeders. But once they get a taste of these feeders, the chances are high that these birds will come to your backyard again and again. So if they don’t come at first, don’t give up and wait a few days, they will come to your garden.

What Do Orioles Eat?

Orioles have different food preferences in different seasons. In spring and fall, these cute little birds love to eat a sugary diet that includes ripe fruit, grape jelly, and nectars. On hot summer days, they love to eat mealworms.

As you know, mealworms are a great source of protein and are a great source for them in the breeding and rearing of young ones. You can also add spear orange halves to bird feeders as it helps attract Orioles. The general diet of the Orioles is:

● Insects
● Suet
● Mealworms
● Peanut butter
● Oats
● Cereals
● Marmalade
● Bread
● Rice
● Bananas
● Berries
● Peaches
● Apples
● Nectar
● Oranges
● Grape Jelly

Do Oriole Feeders Really Need to be Orange?

Orioles are like Hummingbirds as they are both attracted to specific colors. Hummingbirds are drawn to red hues, and Orioles are drawn to orange hues. If specific Oriole feeders are not available, you can use a Hummingbird bird feeder for them.

Other than that, Orioles also like oranges that mean orange fruit. So if you want to attract Orioles to your backyard, you can put some oranges in different places for them. Additionally, you can also add orange surveyor’s tape or tapes around bushes, trees, and railings to attract them. However, the best process to attract these birds is to place an orange feeder in the garden, and when they begin to arrive in your garden, you can offer them different types of food so that they stay.

How to Keep Bees Away From Oriole Feeders?

When placing Oriole feeders in your garden, it is important to keep them clean to keep bees away from the feeder.

You can also place some wasp traps near the feeders to catch the honey bees. Other than that, you can buy Oriole feeders with a bee shield that does not leak and does not boost yellow shades.

If the bees are still successful in foraging food in the jelly jar, clean the feeder thoroughly and rub some fresh mint on its surface. This can go a long way in keeping bees away and also ensure that food stays in contact in the feeder.

Tips to Attract Orioles to Your Feeder

The best time to attract Orioles to your feeder is when they arrive early, especially in spring. You can use the same sugar recipe for Orioles that you use for Hummingbirds.

● Don’t use any food coloring, and keep the nectar fresh.

● Orioles are specifically attracted to the color orange, so place feeders that are specially designed for them.

● Always look for feeders that have large drinking ports and large perches. Orioles often feed on Hummingbird feeders, but their beaks are often too large, and they face difficulty in feeding.

● Orioles love orange fruit and the color orange. So you can offer them orange halves in the feeder or on a branch. Orioles also love to eat grape jelly, so you can feed them grape jelly on a plate or open, but it’s important to keep it fresh.

● When looking for an Oriole feeder area in your backyard, think like a bird. It is best not to hide the feeder under a tree and instead place it in an open area where birds can easily see it.

● It is also important to hang the feeder near the bird bath. If the drinker has a bubbler, the sound and sight of the water will increase the attraction for Orioles.

● It’s not easy to attract Orioles all at once, so if you don’t find any birds at first, don’t back down; it often takes a season or two to find a few followers.

● Orioles, like most wild birds, go to the place where there is food. But it is not easy to attract them, so you need to provide them with their favorite food at first.

Here are a few more things that attract Orioles:

Attractive Garden

The bright flowers, the meadows, and the large number of trees with different heights are the most attractive things for the Orioles. But if you don’t have many trees in the garden, you can weave a few branches into the bushes.

Add Dark Food

Orioles love to eat dark food, so add some dark-colored jellies and oranges to attract them. You can also hang a grape jelly oriole feeder in the garden.

Do Not Give Up

Orioles are shy birds and won’t be attracted to feeders initially, but if the first try didn’t seem to be fruitful, don’t give up hope. Orioles often take time to become attracted to the backyard.

Feeding Ports

Large Oriole bird feeders have many feeding ports, so if you want to attract many birds, choose a large feeder. Not only will it minimize turf fights, but it will also keep predators away from the feeder and food.


Oriole bird feeders are available in different sizes. If you want to attract a large population of birds, you must select a large feeder. A bird bath and their favorite food in an orange feeder are also important to appeal to Orioles.

You can set goals to bird-watch for these Orioles after you have placed your bird feeder in your backyard and record your results.


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