Ohio State Bird

The 17th state to be admitted into statehood, Ohio got this status in 1803 on March 1st. Columbus is the capital city of Ohio.

The nickname for Ohio is The Buckeye State. The state bird of Ohio is a species you are quite familiar with. What do you think it is?

What is the state bird of Ohio?

The Ohio state bird has been the Northern Cardinal since 1933. The state shares its state bird with six other states, including Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and North Carolina. The birds are known for their chirping sounds along with the red plumage.

The male cardinals are scarlet red, while the female cardinals have the same scarlet red in their wings but otherwise are more on the brown side when it comes to their plumage. Both the male and female cardinals have red crests and a black mask.

What makes the state bird of Ohio unusual?

What could be considered most unusual about the Ohio state bird other than the bright red plumage itself? How many bird species share such a vivid red that they will attract your eyes no matter where they are?

The call of the cardinals is also loved, as they have this twittering sound that is easy to listen to. If you hear cardinals communicate amongst themselves, you will want them to keep going so you can enjoy it a little longer.


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Ohio state bird facts

Let’s get to know the state bird of Ohio a bit more!

1. Northern Cardinals are extremely possessive and obsessive about their territory. Their tiny appearance might deceive you at first, but they are an aggressive species.

This aggression becomes even more apparent during spring when they can be seen attacking their reflection frequently. This behavior might confuse you at first. But it is because, in their rage and obsession over protecting their territory, they even mistake themselves to be the enemy.

2. Once summer starts to pass, the aggressive hormones in Northern Cardinals lessens. They become less scared of their territories. However, if they feel any threat, they would immediately be on defense.

There are some stories of certain cardinals keeping up with this behavior even after the season has passed, though rare.

3. North American songbirds rarely sing. Such isn’t the case for female cardinals, though. They love singing to indicate when they are hungry and that their mate should look for food.

They also exchange song phrases with their partner. The call from the female cardinals can be a bit more complicated than the male Cardinals.

Final Thoughts

Too many states have chosen the Northern Cardinal as their state bird. Ohio is no exception. A big part of it is how common the Ohio state bird is all over North America, including Ohio.

If you want to see the Northern Cardinal, you don’t even have to visit the greener areas. Simply wait for them, and they will show up in your backyard one day.


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