Iowa State Bird

Iowa State Bird

The 29th state to get admitted into statehood in the US, this happened in the year 1846. The exact date was December 28. The capital city of Iowa is Des Moines. The state is also known as Hawkeye city. Then, let’s find out about an important part of Iowa–its state bird.

What is the State Bird of Iowa?

In 1933, Eastern Goldfinch became the official state bird of Iowa. Also referred to as American Goldfinch, they even have the third nickname of Wild Canary. In Iowa, the Eastern Goldfinch stays around the state during winter.

The Eastern Goldfinch has a yellow plumage, with the males possessing a bright yellow while the females have a duller shade. The male Goldfinches have black wings and tails and have the same shade on the top of their head. The female goldfinches have dark-brown-colored tails and wings.


What Makes the State Bird of Iowa Unusual?

The lemon yellow color plumage of the American Goldfinch or Eastern Goldfinch has to be the most unusual thing about the bird species. It is not that hard to see these two bird species in your backyard. You just have to lure them in with feeders that have sunflowers or nyjers. While the lemon yellow color of the species varies depending on whether it is male, female, or a young one, the bill of the birds are all pointed and cone-shaped.

American Goldfinch Migration

Iowa State Bird Facts

How about we get to know a little more about the Iowa official state bird?

1. Compared to most North American birds, Eastern Goldfinches breed quite late. It almost takes them June or July to start making their nests. They wait so long so that thistle, milkweeds, these plants can produce their seeds. Goldfinches then use these seeds not only to make part of their nests but also to feed their young ones.

2. The body feather of Eastern Goldfinches molts twice a year. They are actually the only American bird species to do so. This happens first in late winter and then again when the summer is coming to an end. The clearer and brighter the yellow color of a male goldfinch becomes with spring, the easier it is to tell that summer is near. They molt beautifully.

3. During winter, Goldfinches move southward. The pattern of their journey indicates they stick to places where the Fahrenheit degree never drops below 0 in January. American Goldfinches prefer cold weather, but it doesn’t mean they want the weather to be too cold. The temperature around 0 degrees Fahrenheit seems to satisfy them just right.

Final Thoughts

The Eastern Goldfinch is an interesting and eye-catching bird. It would honestly be a little disappointing if you went to Iowa for a visit and never got to see an Eastern Goldfinch. Thankfully, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you would come across the Iowa official state bird during winter. So, that might be the best time to visit the state.


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