White-throated Swift

One of the strongest and fastest fliers in North America, the White-throated Swift is known for their agility and wind-breaking speeds. Their agility, especially, cannot be understated enough since their flights pave way for some of the most acrobatic movements as they chase their insect prey. Their deep dives are also another spectacle that makes these birds stand out, as they often do it in pairs where one bird clings to the back of another.

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Vaux’s Swift

A dark and small bird of the western half of North America, the Vaux’s Swift is the smallest Swift in North America and are very similar to their eastern counterparts, Chimney Swifts. They spend a majority of their day in the air as they hunt for small insects and spiders. Like most other swifts, they are fiercely agile and are capable of numerous acrobatic stunts to aid them in their hunts. They are also extremely quick, often chasing after flying insects and catching them mid-air.

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Black Swift

During the breeding season, the Black Swift is common throughout North America. Their extensive breeding range extends all the way to southeastern Alaska. You can find certain populations in the West Indies. Although this species of birds have an impressively extensive range, they have only around 200 nesting localities. Some of these localities have not been occupied in recent years. Most of these sites are around waterfalls and cliffs. Throughout this range, no region is abundantly populated by these birds.

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Chimney Swift

In some ways, the silhouette of a Chimney Swift is more familiar than a clear vision of the bird species. Their nimble movements are seen over rivers, fields, and rooftops as they go about catching insects. This species with a smudged gray color pattern is known for its fluid flying style characterized by shallow and stiff wingbeats. The small body can’t seem to bear the weight of the wings, which curves while on a flight. 

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