Loggerhead Shrike

A songbird with the habit of raptors; is the best way to describe  Loggerhead Shrike. These inhibit the semi-open grasslands and overall open areas of North America. This small predator with a black mask and gray and white color patterns chooses high perches to hunt from. Small mammals, lizards, insects, and even other birds are the unfortunate victims. 

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Northern Shrike

Until very recently, these birds were classified as Great Grey Shrikes that are found across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Northern Shrikes are the larger of the two Lanius species that breed in North America. The bird is now treated as a separate species by the American Ornithological Society due to the differences observed in its plumage and mtDNA. Northern Shrikes are captivating birds because they are small in size, but can be ferocious predators, which has earned them the moniker of “butcher birds”. With their hooked beaks and killer instincts, they have been known to frequently prey on birds that are larger than themselves, such as Doves, Jays, and Robins.

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Loggerhead Shrike Coloring Page

Cute Coloring Pages For Your Child

If you are a stay-at-home mom and are worrying about keeping your little one busy at home, today is your lucky day because we have a cute Loggerhead Shrike coloring page for you and your kids. We provide high-quality, unique, and original free cute coloring pages and coloring pictures for you and your kids. We have been providing fun coloring pages for quite a while now. Additionally, we know how much kids enjoy coloring on printable coloring pages.

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