10 Amazing Facts About Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins are extremely large Penguins, that have short tails, and cream patches on their nape, and on the sides of their neck. These Penguins are almost classified as threatened because of the disturbances in their habitat. Emperor Penguins are native to Antarctica, as any other area would be completely unsuitable for their survival. Male and female Emperor Penguins are similar in size and color.

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Emperor Penguin

Among all the species of Penguins alive today, Emperor Penguins are the heaviest and the tallest. There isn’t much notable difference between the male and female penguins in terms of size or plumage color. It is common knowledge that Penguins are flightless. In charge of a streamlined figure, what should have been wings are two stiff and flat flippers ideal for marine life. When they are hunting for food, they are capable of staying underwater for over 20 minutes. Several instances of adaptation occurred before they could reach this stage. 

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