Spotted Towhee

About Spotted Towhees

Spotted Towhees are a large species of sparrows you will mainly find on the west, right in the sun-kissed thickets. When they finally catch your line of sight, their back would be a sparkling black while white spots and strips the rest of their plumage. The rufous color on their flanks is a perfect match for the dry leaves they hop around all day. Among the dense leaves, the birds are by no means easy to spot. So, the best time to go around looking for this bird species would undoubtedly be spring, when the male Spotted Towhees go to the top of the shrubs and start singing their songs. 

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American Pipit

The American Pipit was known and identified as the Water Pipit for a long time. Due to the differences in their calls, songs, and plumage, scientists later split the Water Pipit into various species, one of which is the American Pipit that we will be learning about today. Pipits are small and slender songbirds and have a large range of inhabitation,
occurring on almost all continents except Antarctica. Due to their wide range of occurrences, they are highly adaptable birds. The American Pipits, as their name suggests, inhabit the United States and its surrounding areas.

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