Birds in Vermont

Birds in Vermont

Vermont doesn’t even cross the 10,000 square miles. It’s also a state known for its greenery. For a  state so small, the birding experience you get from the state easily surpasses the size of the state.

What Is The State Bird Of Vermont?

The state bird of Vermont is none other than the Hermit Thrush since 1941. Other than being a small bird with a greyish brown color and legs longer than what’s proportionate to the body, Hermit Thrush produces a lovely, albeit melancholic melody that the people of Vermont and birdwatchers, in general, love listening to.

What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Vermont?

Not even at a 4 mile distance from the border of Canada, Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge consists of bogs, wetlands and floodplain forests. The hiking trail is certainly lovely but lots of bird watchers prefer touring the refuge by using the canoe. In fall, about 20,000 ducks can be seen in the area. Great Blue Heron breeds in large numbers here. Other breeding birds are Alder Flycatcher, Common Gallinule and Pied-billed Grebe.

Button Bay State Park is a small site but the bird list is quite long. Somewhere on a bluff on the shore of Lake Champlain, it can be used to see waterbirds on the lake. Horned Grebe and Common Loon are seen in fall while Snow Bunting visits during winter. Ducks are seen during migration, of a really diverse kind.


How Many Birds Can You See in Vermont?

Vermont rests at a bird species count of 387 in total. It’s not much compared to other states, but Addison county alone gives you the chance to come across 325 of them. Chittendon is just as good of an option with 324 species count. Birds in Vermont can also be enjoyed in Grand Isle, Windsor, and Franklin. The count for these counties are 303, 298 and 296.

Dead Creek WMA IBA and Delta Park IBA both share the species count of 240 when it comes to birds and are part of the must-see hotspots for birdwatchers. Shelburne Bay is another fun hotspot to visit, with an exciting count of 235.

Top Birds To See In Vermont

Grouse is one of the tops birds of Vermont. It’s an oddly shaped bird, with a mix of brown and white making up its entire body. The species also prefers sticking to the land rather than flying or swimming.

American Redstart is a little hard to come by in Vermont but your trip will be well worth it if you can see this species once. You are likely to find these colorful birds in the mountains of Vermont.

Common Birds To See In Vermont

Song Sparrows have to be one of the most common birds in Vermont, especially seen in Burlington. Essex is also quite in harmony with American Goldfinch and American Robin.

Final Thoughts

The best part about birding in Vermont? The people of Vermont are famously nature lovers and you’re quite likely to run into locals who would love to show you the ropes of birding in Vermont.

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