Birds in Rhode Island

Birds in Rhode Island

The tiniest state in America, Rhode Island might have a lot to desire for in size but it certainly isn’t lacking in bird species, even beating its larger peers. To see the best of them, you need to head to the Atlantic Coastline the state covers.

What Is The State Bird Of Rhode Island?

The Rhode Island Red emerged as the clear winner in the state bird election conducted in 1954. It’s practically a big chicken with a red head and for Rhode Islanders living all over the world, the image of the species is a callback to their home.

What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Rhode Island?

A military airfield used to be where Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge now provides excellent birding experience to its visitors. It has the Ninigret Pond among it as well as shrubby fields and woodlands. Least Tern, Cedar Waxwing and American Redstart are some of the nesting birds of the refuge.

Block Island National Wildlife Refuge isn’t just fun because of the birding spectacle that takes in fall but also because of the social aspect of it. You can meet so many bird watchers here. Almost all kinds of species have a chance of showing up here, including Cave Swallow and Say’s Phoebe.


How Many Birds Can You See in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has the luck of parading around the total 403 species of birds one can find in the state. Washington is most preferred by birdwatchers with its pretty 380 species count. However, most would agree Newport and Providence have a beauty of their own with a count of 356 and 279.

If you want to see some amazing birds in Rhode Island, you can never skip out on Block Island. The area not only has the largest species count among the hotspots with a 302 number to boast of, it also has some of the rarest species. Trustom Pond NWR and Sachuest Point NWR also deserve a special mention. The species count in these places ranges between 286 and 255.

Top Birds To See In Rhode Island

Hooded Warbler are a small yellow bird species. You will find yourself thinking of adorable and such adjectives when you look at the species.

Fork Tailed Flycatcher is one of the most beloved birds in Rhode Island. As you would guess from the name, the tail certainly takes the appearance of a fork.

Common Birds To See In Rhode Island

Warblers are common in Rhode Island, especially Yellow Throated Warbler. You will find a lot of them in Providence.

You will also see a lot of Western Kingbirds in Warwick.

Final Thoughts

The best time to visit Rhode Island is fall. You want to head to Block Island and see some rare species who have migrated there.

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