Birds in New York

Birds in New York

The state of New York has more to offer than New York City, though New York City visitors have plenty of birding spots they can frequent. Bird watchers have lakes, forests, and marshlands to explore in New York, where they can enjoy birding coupled with adventures.

What Is The State Bird of New York?

In 1970, New York adopted the Eastern Bluebird as its state bird. The males of the species have a blue top with reddish throat and chest are along with a white belly. The females are slightly paler. New York also shares its state bird with Missouri.

What Are The Top Spots To Go Bird Watching In New York?

Jones Beach State Park welcomes over six million people every year. As such, for bird watchers in New York, the best time to visit the park is from fall to spring. Once the sun lovers are gone, Jones Beach becomes one of the best places to go birding. Fall sees migrating birds gathering at the west end here while during winter, you will come across Harlequin Duck, Snowy Owl, Lapland Longspur, and Horned Lark. At the remote beaches, you will come across American Oystercatcher and Least Tern breeds.

Manhattan residents have the advantage of coming across at least 283 bird species, and all they have to do is take a cab to Central Park. The Ramble area in Central Park is particularly famous among birders, with people roaming around with binoculars in the wooded place. Waterfowls are a common sight at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. Central Park is especially kind to beginner bird watchers to find birds in New York, as experienced birders are always close.

Of course, if you’re searching for birds in New York, you can’t miss out on Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Boasting a list of 330 species, this must-see birding wildlife refuge is home to American Black Duck, Clapper Rail, and Black Skimmer. Famous for its waterbirds, the refuge is at Jamaica Bay.


How Many Birds Can You See In New York?

New York has recorded a whopping 500 species in the state. Of them, Suffolk sees the most with 426. The next record goes to Nassau with 374 and then, Queens has seen 370 total. Kings with 363 and Monroe with 354.

You will find the most diverse group at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge with 314 species. After that, we have Jones Beach SP and Jones Beach SP–West End with 312 and 310 respectively.

Top Birds To See In New York

The adorable Piping plovers are seen raising their youngins at the coast of New York. An endangered species, they’re a favorite of bird watchers in New York.

A lot of birders seek out the flute-like tune sung by Wood thrush, a species you can mostly find in forests. Another rare species, Cerulean Warblers are pretty blue colored birds with a slightly darker blue bill.

Common Birds To See In New York

While pigeons are a common sight in New York City, Red-Tailed Hawk can always be spotted at apartment buildings.

Tufted Titmouse and Blue-headed vireo are also quite a common sight in New York. Along with snow goose and red-winged blackbird.

Final Thoughts

New York State has a lot to show you when it comes to birds and if you’re a citizen of New York City with no experience in traveling, you might come across lots of rare birds in the city.

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