Birds in Nebraska

Birds in Nebraska

Perhaps, the most you know about Nebraska is limited to the sandhills. And it is most of the state, with the state attracting grassland birds that are quite uncommon.

What Is The State Bird Of Nebraska?

The official state bird of Nebraska since 1929, Western Meadowlark can be easily distinguished due to the 7-10 note tune they prefer singing, often likened to the music from a flute. The bright yellow cheeks and breasts are another giveaway for the species.

What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Nebraska?

Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge is within the Sandhills of Nebraska. Here, your birding choices range from Forster’s Tern, Bobolink, Willet, Long-billed Curlew to  Loggerhead Shrike.

Ponca State Park is about 15 miles from Sioux city. The 200 species list is a good example of how nurturing the habitat is for birds. Birds in Nebraska in Ponca state park come in the form of Orchard Oriole, Ovenbird, Bald Eagle and American White Pelican.


How Many Birds Can You See in Nebraska?

Nebraska is proud about showing off its 439 species count. Among the counties, Lancaster alone gives you the chance to see about more than half of them, with the counties species count at 336. Knox and Keith’s species count is at 329 and 314 while Lincoln and Sarpy share the number 306.

Branched Oak SRA is Nebraska’s uncontested hotspot for birdwatchers. 275 species has been seen in the area, either staying there forever or visiting during migration. Lake Ogallala and Pawnee Lake SRA both get along with the number 270 but the species you will find in the areas can be quite different.

Top Birds To See In Nebraska

Canyon wren are mostly North American native birds. They are small, brown in color and songbirds by nature. Like most Wren, they have a beautiful call. They also have a bit of white patch around their neck.

Black rosy finches are among Nebraska’s top species. The species are mostly black in color, but they have a particularly rose color very close to the tail of their body. This one divergent in color makes them stand out among lots of species.

Common Birds To See In Nebraska

Omaha and Lincoln are two of the many cities of Nebraska, always visited by Yellow Rumped Warbler, American Goldfinch, and Red-winged blackbird. House finch and Mourning Dove are also quite common in all these cities.

Final Thoughts

The birding trail of Nebraska is quite organized. Instead of seeking out one or two sites, you can get the full Nebraska birding experience through them.

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