Birds in Missouri

Birds in Missouri

In some ways, Missouri’s representation of Ornithological crossroads in America. Breeding birds are a commonality in the state with the environment of the east and west emerging to the midwest.

What Is The State Bird Of Missouri?

The Eastern Bluebird, a native species of Missouri, officially became the state bird in March of 1927. While it mostly has a blue plumage, the breasts do take on a more red color. These 7 inches long birds are referred to as a token of happiness.

What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Missouri?

The main wetland of Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge is referred to as a sea of white, owing to the waterfowls migrating to the area. The hotspot is also famous for the meeting of Bald Eagles during winter, recording 476 of them at one point. Greater White-fronted Goose and Canada Goose along with Lapland Longspur and Northern Harrier are seen during winter.

Roaring River State Park, located in the Ozarks region of Missouri, is famous for its fine fishes and natural spring. Bird watchers, though, hail it for its variety when it comes to woodland species. You’re likely to come across Scarlet Tanager, yellow-crowned Night-Heron, and Orchard Oriole here.


How Many Birds Can You See in Missouri?

Missouri has a total bird species count of 414. The most birds in Missouri can be seen in counties such as St. Charles with a count of 344. Boone, Jackson, St.Louis, and Holt are also good countries to visit if you want to raise your chance of seeing the most number of bird species. The count for these places are 329, 327, 325 and 320 respectively.

Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary is the place you want to visit in Missouri if you want to catch the most varied kind of birds one can see in the state. About 314 species have been spotted there. The other two good hotspots would be Loess Bluffs NWR and Eagle Bluffs CA with a count of 310 and 290.

Top Birds To See In Missouri

Indigo Bunting isn’t easy to come by but when you do see it, you are sure to be amazed. It’s small in size and as you would guess from the name, a firm Indigo color. It’s the kind of bird you can’t help take a picture of.

Blue Jay is another loved bird in Missouri. Again, this bird is quite blue, at least the upper body and wings while the belly area is white. The face of the species is almost funny in appearance, as the bird appears as if they’re constantly annoyed. Children especially love this species.

Common Birds To See In Missouri

Kansas city and St. Louis citizens are quite used to Dark Eyed Junk idling about in their backyard. American Goldfinches are also seen all over Columbia and Ozark. Mourning Doves are a commonality in all over Missouri.

Final Thoughts

It’s one of the best feelings of the world for a bird watcher, to be able to truly enjoy the birds in Missouri. If you visit Missouri, make it a point to take a few days of so you can truly spend your time birdwatching.

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