Birds in Maryland

Birds in Maryland

If you drive from the narrowest area of Maryland, spanning from the border at the North to the south, it’s two miles at best. However, counting from corners to the corners, the state has a stretch of about 250 miles. The small state has its hardwood forests to brag about in the north as it does its saltmarshes and the variety of habitats are reflected in the birds in Maryland.

What Is The State Bird Of Maryland?

Officially, Baltimore Oriole has been the state bird of Maryland since 1947. Unofficially, the golden orange and black color found in the bird and the Calvert shield of Maryland led to the natural association with Maryland. Far back in 1698, it was ordered by Maryland that the royal gardens of the state should be visited by Baltimore birds.


What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Maryland?

To get a birdwatcher’s attention, all you need to do is point to the possibility of spotting over 290 species in one area. That’s exactly the promotion Point Lookout State Park went for. The location is quite favorable. Part of what makes it so attractive for birds to wander into or nest permanently  is because it’s right where the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac river connect. Other than coming across different migrant birds who’re traveling south, you will find Northern Gannets, Purple Sandpipers, and mergansers wandering around. Sandy Point State Park is another great place to catch some birds in action.

Assateague Island National Seashore is a park service site on one of the Ocean barrier islands of the Atlantic. While fall is the best time to visit the site, it’s a good birding spot year round with Brant and Scooters running amok in winter and Brown Pelican and Osprey during summer.

How Many Birds Can You See in Maryland?

Birds in Maryland round to a species count of 453. The counties where you have the biggest chance of spotting the most ranges of species are Worcester, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, and Montgomery. The counts in these counties individually are 398, 363, 351, 343, and 336.

In Point Lookout State Park though, you’re likely to come across the widest range of birds in one spot, with a count of 299. Sandy Point State Park and Hart-Miller Island are the next best options with 297 and 294 as the last counts.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge with its 28,000 acres has about one-third comprising the tidal wetlands of Maryland. Here, you will find  American Black Duck, Northern Pintail among many. The nesting species are the Grasshopper Sparrow, Clapper Rail, and Brown-headed Nuthatch. Throughout fall to spring, you might have the luck of coming across Golden Eagle.

Top Birds To See In Maryland

The highest breeding concentration of Osprey is seen in Maryland. This mostly white colored bird with black wings and white wings is certainly a vision in the skies.

The Prothonotary Warbler is almost like an ambassador of southern Maryland. This bright yellow species with its small size loves nesting in the cavities inside trees.

Common Birds To See In Maryland

Baltimore Oriole is most certainly a common bird in Maryland. It is one of the birds most seen in Baltimore city. Annapolis and Ocean City are also quite acquainted with the species, as they are with Mourning Dove and Northern Cardinal.

Final Thoughts

Even though Maryland is a small state with a dense population, the diversity in habitat is enough to make it one of the best birding destinations to spot for bird watchers.

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