Birds in Delaware

Birds in Delaware

Two of Delaware’s biggest hotspots- Bombay Hook and Prime Hook- aren’t only a birding paradise but quite famous national wildlife refuges on the eastern side of the United States. Delaware also has quite a lot to offer in terms of songbirds, with several excellent sites that lets you catch them during migration season and nesting.

What Is The State Bird Of Delaware?

The state bird of Delaware is no other than the Blue Hen, becoming part of the family in 1939. The Blue Hen has a long history with politics in the state. The revolutionary war saw men from the army amusing themselves by pitting descendants of a well known Blue Hen against each other. When the army showed their bravery in war, they would be compared to the Blue Hen.


What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Delaware?

Cape Henlopen State Park is right where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meets, hence waterbirds are a commonality in the park as is the ever present opportunity of witnessing the migration of hawks in autumn. From fall to spring, be on the lookout for Great Cormorant and Northern Gannet. Winter is purple sandpiper’s time to shine. From September to October, Hawkwatch is conducted by volunteers. Mostly, you will see Red-tailed Hawk, Merlin, Turkey Vulture, and Black Vulture.

The 10,000 acres of Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge existing beside Delaware Bay offers you gulls, terns, shorebirds, marsh birds, and wading birds, quite an impressive amount for all of them. Bald Eagle and Osprey are around all year Red Knot visits during May. During summertime, American Oystercatcher is present, a species that has special significance for management.

How Many Birds Can You See in Delaware?

About 422 species of birds in Delaware have been spotted till this date. Sussex with the county with the highest count, about 385. Kent has 361 and New Castle 343.

To see the most varied birds in one spot, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is the go-to place with its count of 324.     Cape Henlopen State Park and Prime Hook NWR also comes close with their count of 324 and 303.

Top Birds To See In Delaware

Gray Catbirds are a species with a gray body, which certainly explains one aspect of the name. As for the catbird part, well, the bird actually sounds like a cat in its calling. As a bird watcher in Delaware, be sure to check whether you are hearing a cat in your neighborhood or the bird species.

Eastern Kingbird is another beloved bird of Delaware. It’s a small species with black wings and head, and a white body. Despite its small size, something about the bird species is quite regal.

Common Birds To See In Delaware

Wilmington and Dover city are too used to House finch in their backyard. Delaware City and Newar seem to be more acquainted with Song sparrow and Carolina Wren. Strangely enough, even Downy woodpeckers are quite common in these cities.

Final Thoughts

Bird watchers particularly prefer visiting Delaware during April and May, which is when birds in Delaware are most active.

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