Birds in Arkansas

Birds in Arkansas

Any expert birdwatcher is well aware of Arkansas’ reputation as a birding destination. The diverse habitat and a mild climate allows birds that breed there to thrive. In fact, it’s easy to see the rich habitat is what really attracts birds to make a permanent home in the state.

What Is The State Bird Of Arkansas?

Selected as the state bird of Arkansas in 1929, the Northern Mockingbird vocal abilities are raved about. This particular species is capable of capturing 200 tunes, including those of other birds and insects along with the sounds they capture in nature such as noise from mechanical items.


What Are The Top Spots To Go Bird Watching In Arkansas?

Village Creek State Park is a favorite of the local birders. The state park becomes especially alive during spring season when warblers migrate there and plenty of bright color little birds can be seen in the trees. It’s an active time for calling and birdwatchers in Arkansas would find the chaotic sounds soothing.

Mount Magazine State Park has the chance to be greeted with Rufous-crowned Sparrows singing. If you want to catch Purple Martins, t Lake Ouachita State Park is a well-known location for them.

Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge is one of the places you want to go if you want to see a huge diversity in the bird species. Trumpeter Swan and Bald Eagles are often peeped there but you might even come across Golden Eagles.

August is the perfect time to visit Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge. You will come across waterfowls, shorebirds, and wading birds.

How Many Birds Can You See In Arkansas?

About 421 species have been spotted in Arkansas, with some living in there while others migrate there during particular seasons.326 species were seen in both Pope and Pulaski. Even Benton and Washington both share the count of  321. Only White is slightly lower with 315.

A hotspot of birds is in Camp Nine with a count of 287. Unfortunately, the area is restricted. Alternatively, you should be able to spot some endangered or at least rare birds in Arkansas. Bald Knob NWR and Holla Bend NWR with a count of 286 and 279.

Top Birds To see In Arkansas

Tufted duck is one of the loved birds of Arkansas. Birders love seeing this bird with white bill, a black top and chest area, and white belly, quietly chilling in the river. Barrow’s Goldeneye, while a rare sight among all the birds in Arkansas, would make any trip to the state worth it for a birdwatcher. Another black and white bird species, its wing shape is simply ethereal.

Blue-winged teal is hard to come across. However, if you’re a birdwatcher with a camera, this is a bird you want to capture forever in your lenses.

Common Birds To See In Arkansas

Snow Goose, Canada Goose, Tundra Swan, etc are a common sight in Little rock. Nashville Warbler, Northern Parula, Common Yellowthroat are the birds you see most in Fayetteville. For those in the lookout for birds in Arkansas, there is no way you could walk through the state and not come across these birds.

Final Thoughts

Birding in Arkansas is always fun. It’s not just about enjoying the sights of the beautiful birds there. You can also have so much fun exploring the state and all the diversity it has to offer in terms of lands.

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