Bird Watching Scavenger Hunt

Bird Watching Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are fun activities for kids to participate in for free. Scavenger hunts involve looking for items from a list. The goal is to find all the items on the list or the most items. The winner is usually the one who finds the most items on the list.

When the birds are hard to find it is good to have a backup plan to keep kids having fun. We created a few scavenger hunt checklists to help kids have fun while bird watching.

Below are some printable Bird Watching Scavenger Hunt printouts to take with you while bird watching with kids.

Click the Links below to download the printable files.

There are 4 versions so kids can have different ones.

Bird Watching Scavenger_hunt_1

Bird Watching Scavenger_hunt_2

Bird Watching Scavenger_hunt_3

Bird Watching Scavenger_hunt_4


Bird Girl Scavenger Hunt Video

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