Bird Watching Is Fun

Bird watching is fun
Bird watching is fun

At first glance, the idea of bird watching appears to be a terribly boring activity. What’s so great about spotting a few birds while on a walk? Don’t you come across some every day anyway?

However, those who have experienced the joy of identifying birds will attest it is actually a tough activity! In reality, any activity is fun if you know how to do it right. So, let’s take a look at why some people think bird watching is fun!

1. A Deeper Connection With Nature

Going out into nature to bird watch is fun and peaceful
Beautiful nature

If someone were to pick an ambassador of nature, then birds could be the perfect choice. Roughly, it is estimated that about 10,000 different species rule the seven continents, living in vastly different habitats. Their melodic voices, the distinct colors, the plumage patterns along with their playful antics call out to us.

Birds aren’t outcasts by any means. They interact with each part of the ecosystem- animals, plants and are deeply connected to weather patterns and geological formations. You might have already read about how the ecosystem works, but watching birds is like witnessing it work firsthand.

Wearing boots, a hat, and binoculars around your neck to spot birds also makes one feel a lot like an adventurer. For children, that small opportunity to dress-up is all the encouragement they need to go bird watching. And when they find the joy of slowly creeping up on a bird to take a better look or trying to chase one down, they become more motivated about the prospect of going outside.

Even for adults, the unhurried nature of bird watching can be quite fun. If you have a camera that will let you capture some rare species on your walk, well, then your permanent interest in bird watching is guaranteed.

As you observe birds in their habitat, you will develop an appreciation for nature that will make you want to study about it more intricately.

2. Health Benefits

The health benefits of bird watching makes this an easy and fun activity
Walking while bird watching

Tracking birds doesn’t only have physical health benefits, but it makes you emotionally and mentally fresh as well. If you were to literally run after birds, which is something a child companion with you is most definitely likely to do, your physical fitness would be something to envy. Just walking around and breathing in the fresh air can be amazing for your health.

Even a slow walk is far more beneficial than hanging out in front of the television all day.

It helps that these health benefits are deeply interconnected with pure fun. Unlike the gym, where you have to fight with a machine all day, bird watching can introduce you to the world of hiking. If you live near some sort of national park, you can even set up a tent and enjoy hiking trips to remote areas. Whether you go with friends or your entire family, you will discover new and wonderful places.

It’s easy to make bird watching a social activity. Even if you were to do it alone, you still get a lot of happiness from it. Simple acts like ticking off a bird that you wanted to track from your list along with the knowledge you gain from the activity, makes it all the more fun and healthy.

3. A New Group Of Friends

Anything with friends, especially bird watching is fun
Friends bird watching

You get to meet people you would have never met before through bird watching and so do your kids. Friends you make through bird watching tend to be a sociable bunch. They love talking about the places they have visited to track down birds, the experience they have gained from birding and most of all, about birds.

The internet has only made it easier to form these connections. You will find websites, Facebook groups, and forums centered on bird watching. All you need to ask one question and these people would go out of their way to answer all your worries about gear or bird watching itself.

You can go for guided birding tours where you will find beginners and new bird watchers alike. Even children can join these groups and find other mini birders like them. For children, an activity becomes much more enjoyable when they have someone else to share their achievements with. This is the main reason bird watching is fun!

Wrapping It Up …

It’s always fun to be outside

If you have been planning to go bird watching for a while but haven’t mustered up the courage, get out there! This is something you can do with your kids as well.

Fun games like bird bingo where you think up a species you could spot on your trail and create a template with it can get you quite fired up. Also, you can look up online bird bingo cards to get you started.

You can also prepare yourself by feeding birds in your neighborhood first. This will allow you to experience firsthand how satisfying it is when they willingly eat something you have made specifically for them. Even get creative with your fruit bird feeders.

In general, people who do go bird watching once or twice, usually tend to stick with the activity for a long time. It doesn’t take long before they experience how nice it is to breathe in the fresh air and get a closer look at birds they wouldn’t spot otherwise. The extra benefit is the deep, pure love they gain for nature from this activity.

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