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COVID-19 hasn’t been easy on anyone, and it has especially affected the kids.  Due to the ongoing quarantine sessions, kids get bored at home as there feel a lack of enjoyment in the educational activities at home. According to research for a child’s mental well-being, physical and mental activities are as necessary as eating food. Bird coloring pages involve physical as well as mental activities because coloring pages allow the children to focus on the intricate details of things and help improve their hand and eye coordination.

Importance and benefits of coloring pages for kids

Bird coloring pages and coloring pictures have somewhat taken a back seat in the child’s development stage. Many children are becoming gadget-friendly and don’t like to do anything that involves something physical. Although cute coloring pages and coloring pictures might seem like a simple task, believe me, it has so many advantages. It excites children, and motivates them, and is a healthy educational activity. Here are some benefits of coloring pages for children.

Bird Coloring Pages

Fine motor development

Coloring pictures and fun coloring pages allow the children to develop a firm finger grip. As it involves holding a pencil, marker, or a crayon, the whole coloring activity allows the fine motor muscles in the child’s hand, fingers, and wrist to develop.


As the child starts coloring on cute coloring pages, he starts developing a level of concentration, which in turn increases the focus of children. With this simple task, the child’s concentration level improves over time, and he benefits greatly from it.

Color recognition

Apart from other benefits, through this educational activity, the child develops a sense of awareness for colors. Using different combinations of colors will promote a sense of curiosity and interest in the child’s mind.

Hand and eye coordination

Bird coloring pages and coloring pictures help the children to develop good hand and eye coordination. As a child starts coloring, he tries to keep the color within the lines. Still, over time and with the experience, he starts developing a skill, and with the focus, he masters it. This is an excellent activity for the tiny brains of children.

A sense of pride and achievement

A happy child is a proud child. Every kid in the world wants to make their parents proud; that is why you must allow your child to gain self-confidence by allowing him to color on fun coloring pages. It will undoubtedly improve his self-confidence, and he will feel proud after completing the given task.

Owl coloring pages

If your child is an owl lover, then you will be more than happier to know that to make your child more optimistic than ever, we offer owl coloring sheets and printable cute coloring pages. The images printed on these fun bird coloring pages are of high quality, and the picture doesn’t get distorted when these are printed for coloring purposes.

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Flamingo coloring pages

Flamingos are one of the most beautiful creatures living on the earth, and that is what makes them the best subject of cute coloring pictures. Baby flamingos are grey or white when they are born, but it is your child’s choice to either paint them pink or whatever color he desires. 

Hummingbird coloring page

Does your child love hummingbirds? If yes, then why shouldn’t you print the hummingbird coloring page for your child and allow them to do some cute coloring on them. It is our wild guess that your child will definitely love coloring these pages.

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Eagle coloring pages

No child on earth doesn’t love coloring pictures of an eagle. The bald eagle represents courage and bravery. It is the most recognizable bird in the U.S.A. It is the national bird of America and children show interest in the bird. That is why we recommend that you should get these cute coloring pictures of an eagle and make your child happier than ever.

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Cardinal Coloring Pages

Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and Buntings Bird Coloring Pages

Duck Coloring Pages

Hawk Coloring Pages

Finches Coloring Pages

Thrushes Coloring Pages

Heron Coloring Pages

Woodpecker Coloring Pages

Wood Warbler Coloring Pages

Blackbirds and Orioles Coloring Pages

Parrot coloring pages

Parrots are identified as some of the most colorful birds in the world. These birds are specifically known for their good looks and intellectuality. According to research, parrots are loved by almost every child, and every child deserves parrot coloring pages. That is why we recommend that you should give your child a printable cute coloring page of a parrot so that he can enjoy coloring it.

Chickadee and Titmouse Coloring Pages

Gulls and Terns Coloring Pages

Crows, Jays, and Magpies Coloring Pages

Tyrant Flycatchers Coloring Pages

Wood Stork Coloring Page

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Crane Coloring Pages

Nuthatch Coloring Pages

Vulture Coloring Pages


Cute coloring pages and coloring pictures are a fun way to keep your child busy at home. It is an educational activity that promotes a sense of curiosity and allows them to concentrate on something. It is a mind-boosting activity and creates a fantastic experience for children. Coloring pictures is a simple task, but it has a positive influence on children’s young minds. It builds confidence, allows them to take risks, and have fun. Apart from that, it promotes creativity in them. 

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