Bird Bath Bowls

Bird bath bowls are more than sculpted bowls filled with water. They are beautiful architectural bird baths designed especially for your feathered friends to drink, bathe and cool themselves. It can be used as an ornament in your backyard or as an outdoor sculpture.

A bird bath tempts different species of birds to stop by our backyards and gardens, mainly during summers. It’s a great source of water for birds around the year. A good bird bath should be able to mimic the natural water resources. These bird baths should either be like puddles, or shallow pools so that birds can easily slope into the water bowl.

Anyone can make a bird bath bowl with the help of old items lying in their cupboard like an old pan, saucers, and so on. Bird baths provide an oasis for our feathered friends to survive summers. Birds provide us with joy and peace, so let’s provide them with fresh and clean water in return. Keep reading to see how you can provide them with a beautiful bird bath.

Types of Bird Baths

Here’s a list of different bird bath bowls you can select for your gardens and backyards. Let’s have a look.

Staked Bird Bath Bowl

People who are renters usually prefer stacked bird bath bowls to call birds to their balconies and gardens. A stacked bird bath bowl is a bowl planted on top of a stake, and it is stabilized on the ground. While considering what kind of bird bath bowl to select, you should first find out where you want to place your bird bath. It should securely be grounded to avoid rocking or tipping over.

Wall Hanging Bowl

Contrary to stacked or mounted bird baths, hanging bird baths are hanged from the railing or thick branches. You can even hang your bowl on any side of your garden or balcony. You can protect your bird bath by simply putting it under a shade or under the roof. This will prevent dust from falling into the water. However, you won’t find varieties in hanging bird bath, and they are usually smaller in sizes in comparison to other bird baths.

Mounted Bird Bath Bowl

When you don’t have enough space for a huge bird bath, you can go for a mounted one. Place a bowl on some deck or railing. For this, you have to make sure that the bowl is placed on the deck to prevent it from falling or rocking. It’s a little difficult to mount such a bird bath, people usually do not prefer such a method.

Ground Bird Bath Bowl

Ground bird bath bowls are the most basic bird bath bowl that one can have. It’s a simple bowl placed on the ground. This type of bird bath will not tempt certain species of birds. Usually, they attract Ducks and Quails.

Fountain Bird Bath Bowl

A fountain bird bath bowl features or adds an element of moving water to a simple and shallow water bowl. Birds will easily get attracted by the noise of the dripping water. In addition, It will be easily noticeable by birds. All you have to do is purchase one, or you can go on the DIY bird bath route as well!

Heated Bird Bath

During cold, a heated bird bath bowl proves to be a jackpot for the birds! To survive in the cold, birds can warm themselves up with the help of heated bird baths. It doesn’t warm the water but prevents water from freezing in the cold! Isn’t that great?

Solar Bird Bath

Some bird baths have built-in solar panels for heating the water. A solar bird bath also adds movements through bubbles and fountains. In some bird bath, you can even remove solar panels if you want to. Do not forget this will cost you more than any other bird baths. However, would you miss an opportunity to be more eco-friendly?

Best DIY Bird Bath Designs and Ideas

Sometimes, birds aren’t attracted for various reasons. If that is the case, check out these golden steps that can help you attract birds to your bird baths! Having patience is an important attribute for any bird watcher. It will definitely take some time for your feathered friends to find your bird bath. Follow the hacks given down below and you will definitely attract birds to your place.

Before choosing bowls and plates for your bird bath, make sure that there are no cracks and holes and the edges are smooth. Birds should not injure themselves while enjoying their bath bowls. Select pots and bowls to match your garden or backyards. Most birds do not prefer deep waters. So select a shallow bowl, perfect depth would be around 2” or less than that.

Before going into the selection part, you should know the different kinds of materials available for your bird bath.

Different materials like ceramic, plastic, glassware, and concrete are most popular. Material selection is totally based on your preference. You should know that some materials are difficult to handle and some are easy. Some materials are delicate like glass and ceramics.

Try and select a non-slip surface bowl for your bird bath. Materials become slippery when wet so avoid using them. They will get wet while drinking water.

There are numerous ways to use old pots and plates to create your very own bird bath, you just have to form a simple tower of pots and plates to create a creative piling up. Recycle old glassware and old terracotta plates as this is a great option for making a bird bath. Add pebbles, stones, rock, and marbles around the pot so that birds can easily stand and drink water without getting wet.

If you want to make an outstanding bird bath, use colored bowls and plates and place them on the carved vases or other decorative podiums. You can even give your bird bath a rustic look by simply piling up the stones as this will also add height to your bird bath. If you’re creative and love to experiment with concrete or cement, make one concrete bird bath.

How to Make a Concrete Bird Bath Bowl

We are sure that the above point must have piqued your interest. Before starting into making a concrete bird bath, wear gloves and a dust mask for your protection. The first step of making a homemade concrete/cement bowl is adding cement and water to make a thick paste.

It should be pourable. Pour the cement mixture enough to cover the rims into the selected mold. Remove the excess mixture by firmly pressing the upper mold on the paste. This will give it a sunken impression.

Demold the top piece and sand away the sharp lines and edges of the bowl using sanding blocks. After sanding off the edges, select a bright color and paint it. Do not forget to seal the area of paint using a sealer.

DIY Hanging Bird Bath Bowl

Hanging bird baths are one of the caring gestures for our feathered friends. They add a touch of elegance and calmness to our backyard and gardens. Hanging bird baths are usually cheaper than sculptural ones. Show this caring gesture and build one beautiful hanging bird bath with some easy steps. Use one simple bowl and place some plants and bushes around it. Hang this bowl with a durable chain. Now fill the bowl with water and there you go! This is an
extraordinary bird bath.

Decorative Bird Baths

A beautiful bird bath will not only attract birds but will also add beauty to your backyard. If you love to decorate your surroundings, try some hacks mentioned above. The perfect way to invite your friends is simply by adding a colorful bird bath filled with water. Let us take a look at some of the factors that you must keep in mind!


By far the most common shape is round. Select some unusual shapes like square, heart-shaped, leaf, or shell-shaped. These shapes provide a unique edge to your yards!


Many bird baths can be designed with some sculptures around them. You can add decorative ornaments like flowers, leaves, fish, butterflies. This will add a creative touch to your bird bath.


Select bright colors for your bird bath as this will attract birds. You can even go for natural earth tones like blue, green, white, or aqua for your bowl. Do not choose too flashy colors or white because they will scare away the birds.


Add plants around the bowl so it will comfort the birds coming to your bird bath. It will also act as a shade on a sunny day. Now, this is a thoughtful gesture towards our feathered friends!


Before getting into the designing part, decide how much you want to spend on this bird bath project. According to that, start purchasing items like colors, concrete, or sculptures for it. If you want to spend more on it, go for a solar panel one. Or else buy yourself a simple-looking bowl. Select a bird bath that matches your garden’s decor and personality.

How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

Birds usually prefer baths that are kept at a good height because while bathing they can be at risk of predators. If possible keep bird bath in the shade as this will retain the freshness of water. Arrange marble and stones for birds to stand while drinking so that they will not get wet.

The best way to attract birds is to provide them with dripping water. Use a spray bottle or dripper and place it over the bird bath. Keep the water clean and change it every day or two. Sometimes birds leave feathers, droppings, and sticks which will accumulate in the bowl.

Plan to scrub your bird bath with a scrubber and a strong cleanser. Remove the algae, stuck to the bottom. Rinse your bowl well and change the water. Your feathered friends will go crazy with delight when your bird bath is clean and fresh.

Make sure you don’t have cats roaming outside or near your bird bath. Protect the birds with a cover so that your pet can’t attack or hurt them from behind. Clean the bowl regularly and refill the water when empty. Beware of algae and bird droppings in your bowl.

You have to make sure that birds can have clear visibility when they drink or bathe so that they can cover themselves when alarmed. To prevent them from drowning, place wood or planks at different places in the bird bath.

You can also add gravels and stones to the bottom of the bird bath, this will help in providing better footing for the birds while they drink or bathe.

Add a stick next to your bird bath, this will help birds to scan the area before going into the bird bath. By doing this you will make your bird bath more approachable for them. Keep the stick a little away from the bowl to avoid bird droppings falling directly into the water. Add a protective cover close to your bird bath. This will help birds to feel comfortable.

Final Words

The best place to put your very own designed bird bath is near or under a shady place or direct sunlight will heat up the water when not kept under the shade. Welcome the birds with bright-colored pots and bowls. It will definitely attract them, and it will make sure that the water is cool.

Select a bowl with a shallow depth of 2 inches or less as this will be safe for them to stand while drinking. Your bird bath should be comfortable and non-slippery. Add trees and bushes around it so that the birds will feel safe from predators.

Provide your birds with some natural covers and a roof above their bath. These simple tips help you in making amazing bird bath bowls that will captivate these feathered beauties. If you have bought a heated one, do not forget to adjust the temperature. Follow these tips and definitely, you will attract birds to your place.

You can set goals to bird-watch after you have placed your bird bath bowl in your backyard and record your results.


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