Best Pet Birds for First Time Owners

Taking care of pets, of any kind, is a massive responsibility. For a first-time owner, beginning with a low-maintenance bird is the best option. If you are bringing home a pet for your kid, considering many different pets is ideal before settling on one. It is better to look for friendly birds rather than ones who may become violent. Here, we have the 5 best pet birds for first-time owners.

Interacting and playing with birds can be very fun. There are plenty of new things you can discover about birds when you see them in their natural habitat. If your child is not particularly keen on bringing home a pet bird and instead
opt for a cat or a dog, birdwatching might change their minds.

5 Best Pet Birds For First Time Owners


Finches are not greedy when it comes to attention. At least not from their owners. They are social creatures who need other birds around. You must buy them in pairs, but they are very easy to take care of, so you won’t feel like they’re a big responsibility.

Buy large cages because Finches do not like climbing. They would rather fly around inside the cage. With two Finches in a cage, they can get into fights really quickly if they do not have enough space to move around. While buying in pairs is recommended, you can buy more than two. They do not mind sharing their space with their friends as long as the space is big enough.

They are not fond of handling. Your children can keep themselves entertained while watching the Finches. Yet, there is no need for communication with them.

Hyacinth Macaws

The blue Hyacinth Macaws are brimming with affection. Except for the matter of their housing, they are an affordable species. They are very large birds though. Standard cages do not work for them. However, you can build aviaries for them, which is what most owners do.

If you are someone who likes a cuddle buddy or wants the same for your kid, then the Hyacinth Macaws are perfect. These friendly birds can not get enough of their owner’s attention. They are almost always in a good mood, so interacting with them can have a significant improvement on your mood.

Peach-faced Lovebirds

Lovebirds are a bit on the difficult side, but usually, they’re not a huge issue. While people have the impression that they need to be in pairs, the birds are completely capable of living solo.

These birds are tiny, they can be up to 6 inches in length at most. A regular-sized cage is not only fine for them, but it might be a little too big. They can easily fly around inside the cage to keep themselves entertained. You also want to put some bird toys in with it. They love doing various tricks and look forward to playtime more than you do.

If you wanted to take them on a hike with you, then you can. Their small stature means they can practically fit in your pocket. They can be your child’s everyday partner. Lovebirds have a long lifespan, estimated to be around 20 years. These birds can keep you company even after your child has left for college.


Parakeets are very friendly in general, but out of all of them, Budgies are certainly the most friendly. If you pay close attention to them and tend to them, there is no bound to their affection.

Budgies are extremely small and open to learning new tricks. They are well-versed in copying human speech. You only have to spend a little bit of time talking to them for this to happen.


Canaries are very vibrant, they come in green, yellow, brown, orange. They are also talented at vocalizing. Male Canaries are powerful singers which is rare for this bird species.

If you are not clear on whether you can handle a talkative bird species, Canaries pose no pressure. They are happy to fly around their cage and sing all day. They are not looking for someone to hold them either. They would make the best pet for your kid, who will be content with hearing them sing. They are known to live for ten years on average.

Final Thoughts

Whether your pet bird wants attention from you or is happy being alone, you want to get lots of bird toys depending on the species. If you are not home to play with them, they need something to keep them busy.


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