Backyard Birds of Minnesota

Minnesota’s temperature is slightly on the dangerous side, fluctuating from extreme cold to burning summer heat. People might find that intolerable at times; however, backyard birds surely do flourish in these circumstances. If you are a bird watcher, you can visit this place in any season and still find some occasional bird species.

State Bird of Minnesota

The Common Loons were given the name of Minnesota’s state bird in 1961. These birds are a species having black feathers with white bands around the whole body, excluding the head and beautiful red eyes.

These birds are also quite big, having three feet of length and five feet wingspan. Because of the site of their feet present towards the backside of their body, they can be a maladroit bunch while walking; however, on the water as well as the air, they are among the fastest birds to be.


The Most Common Spots for Bird Watching in Minnesota

Backyard birds in Minnesota surely enjoy relaxing in one of the Audubon Significant Bird Regions; the Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge is approximately 61,500-acres. The territories include swampland, large pools, grassland, and aspen forests. The distinguished breeding backyard birds of the region are Le Conte’s Sparrow, Sedge Wren, as well as Connecticut Warbler.

Furthermore, Sax-Zim Bog is not a great place for bird watching in Minnesota; however, it can be deliberated nationally. The place is divided into private as well as public parts, so numerous birding is done by the roadsides, although there are some sensational trails. Besides, the nesting birds are Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Boreal Chickadee, and Gray Jay.

Backyard Bird Count to See in Minnesota

Minnesota’s total bird species count is around 424. Then, almost 352 flew over the region of St. Louis only. Lake, Hennepin, Dakota, and Washington also contain a high count, containing 336, 325, 305, as well as 302 species, respectively.

Moreover, Park Point–Park Point Rec is the selected hotspot of Minnesota, containing backyard birds in Maine, attaining a count of around 282 species here. Izaak Walton Wetlands is for everyone who likes roaming around swamps and would bank on the opportunity of finding some beautiful bird species.

Top Backyard Birds to See in Minnesota

Birdwatchers will see Trumpeter Swan in Minnesota. The bird’s appearance is majestic. An entirely white bird, you are guaranteed to stare once you catch sight of it. The Greater Prairie-Chicken is a remarkably loved bird of Minnesota.

Besides, it is a chicken species that contains some exciting color blends and looks different from chickens. Thus, it’s hunted very much. The bird species also lost most of its habitation, going towards extinction.

Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is one of the most popular birds because of its vibrant red color. The Cardinal is also known for its sweet song, which can be heard early in the morning. Northern Cardinals can be found mainly in the Eastern half of the United States. Cardinals like to visit bird feeders and eat sunflower seeds. The Cardinal is the state bird of seven states!

Red-winged Blackbird

The Red-winged Blackbird can be found throughout North America, near marshes and other wetlands. Red-winged Blackbirds are black with a red and yellow patch on their shoulders. The Blackbirds prefer to feed on seeds and grain off the ground. Their song is one of the first signs of spring.

Pileated Woodpecker

The Pileated Woodpecker is a beautiful black color with white stripes down its neck. It has a bright red crest. It is one of the biggest forest birds, almost the size of a crow! Pileated Woodpeckers like to drum on old logs or near the base of a tree. The Pileated Woodpecker digs rectangular holes in trees trying to find ants to eat.

American Robin

The American Robin can be found in yards and gardens across North America. They enjoy eating earthworms right out of the ground in the morning and fruit in the afternoon. Robins have a round, orange chest. Their feathers are grey-brown in color. You can hear the Robin if you listen for their clear whistle. Female American Robins often sleep in the nest while the male Robin goes out to gather.

American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinch is found all over North America. The Goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey, Iowa, and Washington. The Goldfinch is bright yellow in color with some shiny black and white. Most bird feeders will attract the Goldfinch. Goldfinches are vegetarians and love sunflower seeds. The American Goldfinch is the only finch that molts its body feathers twice per year, once in the winter and then in the summer.

European Starling

The European Starling is the most numerous songbird found throughout North America. European Starlings are an all-black bird with short tails, pointed bills, and triangular wings. Although in the winter, they are covered with white spots. These Starlings are sometimes viewed as aggressive as they run along the ground.

The Most Common Backyard Birds to See in Minnesota

Individuals of Saint Paul will always see the Common Loon. On the other hand, individuals of Mankato, as well as Duluth, are used to all types of Warblers. Besides, Northern Cardinals are also a usually seen bird species in these regions.

The Takeaway

In North USA, the tallgrass prairie environment is almost on the side of vanishing. Minnesota is one of the states left with some territories, and as such, that can be enough of an enticement for you to go. Finally, these regions are where you can find Loggerhead Shrike as well as Greater Prairie-Chicken.


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