Backyard Birds of Maryland

When you drive from the confined regions of Maryland, straddling from the boundary at the North to the south, it is around 2 miles at best. But, including from corners to the corners, Maryland contains a stretch of approximately 250 miles.

Besides, the small state contains its hardwood woodlands to brag about in the northern areas because it does its saltmarshes, and the range of habitats is revealed in the backyard birds of Maryland.

State Bird of Maryland

With authorization, the state bird of Maryland is the Baltimore Oriole from 1947. Off the record, the golden orange as well as black color present in Orioles, plus the Calvert protection of Maryland led to the ordinary connection with Maryland.

Baltimore Oriole


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The Most Common Spots for Bird Watching in Maryland

To obtain a birdwatcher’s consideration, you can spot above 290 species in one region. That’s correctly the advertising Point Lookout State Park went for. The place is quite encouraging. Other than finding several migrant birds who’re flying towards the south, you can get Northern Gannets, Mergansers, as well as Purple Sandpipers flying around.

Furthermore, Sandy Point State Park is an additional great backyard bird spot to find numerous backyard birds in action. Besides, Assateague Island National Seashore is a place on Ocean Atlantic’s barrier island.

Whereas fall is the ideal time to go to this place, it is the best birding area year-round, having Brant and Scoters wandering around in the winter season and Brown Pelican as well as Osprey in summer.

Backyard Bird Count of Maryland

There are around 453 backyard bird species in Maryland. The regions where you have the main chance of finding the most varieties of bird species are Worcester, Baltimore, and Anne Arundel. The bird counts in these regions individually are around 398, 363, and 351, respectively.

Moreover, in Point Lookout State Park, you can find the widest variety of backyard birds in one spot, having a count of about 299 species. Sandy Point State Park, as well as Hart-Miller Island, are the other perfect choices with a bird count of 297 and 294.

Besides, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge contains 28,000 acres which have approximately one-third containing the tidal swamps of Maryland. And, you will spot American Black Duck and Northern Pintail. The nesting bird species are the Grasshopper Sparrow and Clapper Rail. During the fall to the spring season, you may have the blessing of finding Golden Eagle.

Top Backyard Birds to See in Maryland

The largest breeding concentration of Osprey is observed in Maryland. This is commonly a white-colored backyard bird having black wings as well as white wings is indeed a sight in the skies. Besides, the Prothonotary Warbler is just about a representative of southern Maryland.

Carolina Chickadee

The Carolina Chickadee is found in the Southeastern United States. Carolina Chickadees are black and white, with gray wings. These Chickadees love sunflowers and peanut chips. They like to grab their food and then go somewhere else to eat, so they can be alone. The Carolina Chickadee likes to hang out with other birds, such as the warbler.

Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird lives in the eastern United States. They live as far south as Nicaragua, Central America. Bluebirds have a royal blue back and head. Their chest is a red-brown color. Eastern Bluebirds can often be found perched somewhere high, like a power line. Bluebirds enjoy eating insects, berries and wild fruit.

Tufted Titmouse

The Tufted Titmouse is a small gray bird with big black eyes. The Tufted Titmouse has an echoing voice. The Titmouse enjoys visiting backyard feeders and enjoy sunflower seeds. The Tufted Titmouse nest in natural holes and cavities usually left by Woodpeckers.

Northern Flicker

The Northern Flicker is a large woodpecker with a brown body. The Northern Flicker eat mainly ants and beetles. Northern Flickers walk around the edge of wooded areas. The Northern Flicker nests in small holes in trees much like other woodpeckers. These birds can be found throughout North America.

Northern Flicker

Carolina Wren

The Carolina Wren has a light brown body and an upward tail. Carolina Wren is a shy bird. Though hard to see, the Carolina Wren sings many different songs and is loud! The Carolina Wren likes quiet areas. They can often be seen near piles of brush or a faraway corner of a yard. The Carolina Wren does not like the cold.

House Finch

The House Finch can be found in most neighborhoods in North America. The House Finch has a bright red head and chest. House Finches like to eat sunflower seeds. The House Finch is a noisy bird and likes to be around other birds.

House Finch

The Most Common Backyard Birds to See in Maryland

Baltimore Oriole is usually the most common backyard bird of Maryland. This bird is one of the backyard birds most observed in Baltimore city. Besides, Annapolis as well as Ocean City, are also familiar with the bird species because they have Mourning Dove along with Northern Cardinal.


Although Maryland is a small state having a dense population, the variability in the environment is sufficient to make it one of the top birding destinations to find different bird species.


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