10 Amazing Facts about Golden-shouldered Parrots

Golden-shouldered Parrots have golden-colored shoulders, as you might guess from their name! These 10 facts will get you excited about seeing one the next time you’re in Australia! Golden-shouldered Parrots are very colorful and love to talk while they are flying!

10 Amazing Facts about Golden-shouldered Parrots

1. Golden-shouldered Parrots have gorgeous feathers!

The Golden-shouldered Parrot has yellow, black, grey, and teal heads. They have mostly teal bodies with black and yellow wings. They also have an orange belly. The females have very different appearances. They are mostly lime green with hints of the teal that is so prominent on the males.

2. The Golden-shouldered Parrot lives in Australia.

Golden-shouldered Parrots mainly reside in northeast Australia. In particular, they live in certain parts of the Cape York Peninsula in north Queensland.

3. Golden-shouldered Parrots live in a forest habitat.

These birds love to roam around in open forests. They usually live in forests across from a body of water, so the coast is an ideal habitat for these birds.

4. The Golden-shouldered Parrot does not migrate much.

After the breeding period, Golden-shouldered Parrots disperse a little bit. Usually, they only separate to opposite sides of the coast, but sometimes they will migrate to areas that they used to inhabit.

5. Golden-shouldered Parrots are large-sized parrots!

Although the Golden-shouldered Parrot is not a huge bird, it is large compared to other types of parrots! They are 10 inches long and weigh between 54 and 56 grams.

6. The Golden-shouldered Parrot‘s appetite changes with the season!

These birds eat a ton of seeds, though they vary in type. They also eat legumes, herbs, and types of grass. What they eat depends on the weather and the season! They seek seeds in the dry, cold months and herbs in the warmer months!

7. Golden-shouldered Parrots only sing while in flight!

The Golden-shouldered Parrot only uses its voice while they are soaring through the sky. Sometimes they will make noise when they are contacting other birds. Their voice sounds like a whistle.

8. The Golden-shouldered Parrot builds their nests in mounds!

Golden-shouldered Parrots live in big mounds that develop on the ground. This is unique to this type of parrot! They do this to regulate their body temperatures better while in their “nest”.

9. Golden-shouldered Parrots lay a lot of eggs!

The Golden-shouldered Parrot breeds during two different periods. The first breeding period takes place from April through June. The second breeding period is between July and August. They lay 3 to 6 eggs! This is a larger number for parrots! They incubate their eggs for 20 days and they take care of their young for 5 weeks.

10. The Golden-shouldered Parrot is endangered.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the population of Golden-shouldered Parrots has declined quite a bit. Before the breeding periods, their population is usually around 2,300. After the breeding periods, it is between 3,500 and 5,000. Their population declined due to trapping, losing food resources, wildfires, humans, and feral cats.


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