10 Amazing Facts About Cooper’s Hawks

Cooper’s Hawks are medium-sized hawks that range from Southern Canada to Mexico. Like several other birds of prey, males are generally smaller than females. Let’s look at a few interesting facts about these birds!

10 Amazing Facts About Cooper’s Hawks

1. Cooper’s Hawks are fierce hunters!

Cooper’s Hawks kill their prey by catching it with the assistance of their amazing feet and killing it by squeezing it over and over. These birds approach their prey covertly and move discreetly through the thick cover until the prey is within their desired range.

2. Cooper’s Hawks sometimes migrate to Mexico!

Any bird guide will tell you that Cooper’s Hawks migrate during the seasons. Cooper’s Hawks winter in a large portion of the mainland United States. It is normal for Cooper’s Hawks to migrate as far as southern Mexico and Honduras according to the climate conditions. They typically migrate during the winters because the colder temperatures cause a scarcity of food sources.

3.Female are larger than the males!

Female Cooper’s Hawks are approximately 33% bigger than the males. This is one of the biggest size differences noticed in any bird of prey. These birds only breed one time per year.

4.It is illegal to keep a Cooper’s Hawk as a pet.

These birds won’t make great pets as they can hurt individuals when people attempt to go close to them. Nonetheless, it is unlawful to have a Cooper’s Hawk as a pet in your home. Assuming you wish to own Cooper’s Hawks, then, you will have to apply for an uncommon grant that is needed to keep these birds as a pet. These birds are illegal to hunt, harm, trap, cage, shoot, or poison without having legal permission. Even their eggs are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes.

5.Cooper’s Hawks are highly aggressive!

Cooper’s Hawks are aggressive in nature as they are regional birds. These birds are forceful towards different raptors and especially at Sharp-shinned Hawks. Cooper’s Hawks often harm people that approach them. These birds are extremely capable of hunting and they prey on a variety of little warm-blooded creatures.

6.Cooper’s Hawks are carnivores!

Cooper’s Hawks are carnivores. These birds eat medium-sized birds just as big as them, and some smaller birds too. This bird species additionally goes after little creatures like squirrels, mice, and bats for food. At times, they include reptiles and bugs into their diet.

7.Cooper’s Hawks are extremely fast!

Cooper’s Hawks are swift fliers. This bird makes rapid wing beats with brief coasts in their regular flight and can fly at a speed between 15-35 mph while migrating. These birds evade hunters by flying away rapidly.

8.Cooper’s Hawks are ironically small and adorable!

Adult Cooper’s Hawks are dim blue in color with red streaks towards their lower parts and a thick dull band which they have on their long tail. Their wings and back are generally blue in color. While their adolescents have earthy colored streaks on their upper bosom, it gives them a hooded look like Sharp-shinned Hawks. They have a huge head that ventures in front of the wings.

9.Cooper’s Hawks are monogamous!

Cooper’s Hawks are known as monogamous animals, they mate just once their whole life. Breeding only occurs once per year between the male and female. They raise just one brood each season. The site to construct a home is picked by the male, while the home structure is made by the male and female together. It is normal for a female to lay around 3-5 eggs during a settling season in the home. One of the guardians remains near the home to deal with their young.

10. A Cooper’s Hawks life expectancy is 10-12 years!

The oldest Cooper’s Hawk to have ever lived and recorded was 20 years of age. The life expectancy of a Cooper Hawk relies upon various elements that include ecological variations in other regions, and weather conditions.


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