Short-tailed Hawk

Short-tailed Hawk

A Short-tailed Hawk is a fun bird to see while bird watching. Below are some tips to help you identify Short-tailed Hawks. We have also put together a list of fun Short-tailed Hawk t-shirts, Short-tailed Hawk bird patches, birdhouses, bird feeders, binoculars, stickers, and other fun bird watching items.

About the Short-tailed Hawk

The Short-tailed Hawk is a small bird of prey native to North America. They belong to the family Accipitridae which also includes eagles and old-world vultures. They are not considered as true hawks hence described as a buteo or buzzard when outside America. They are few in Florida though their numbers are fairly stable. As numbers continue to show up in northwestern regions of the United States, their numbers are increasing in Mexico.

Description and Identification

Short-tailed Hawks are smaller than other hawks, with their size being more similar to crows. They
are 15.3-17.3 inches long with a wingspan between 32.7-40.5 inches. They display sexual
dimorphism — with the females being larger than the males. In regards to other physical
characteristics, both sexes are similar. These birds don’t actually have short tails; it only looks like
they do because of their unusually long wings which reach their tail tips. Their black bills have a
bluish-black base and a greenish-yellow cere. Short-tailed Hawks have black talons and light
yellow legs and feet. Adults have dark brown irises, whereas younglings have light brown irises.
When humans approach the nests of these birds they make a long high-pitched “keeper” sound.
Short-tailed Hawks are generally silent when they are not breeding.

Short-tailed Hawk Color Pattern

The birds differ in color depending on the different morphs that exist because of interbreeding. They range from dark brownish grays to lighter shades but their underparts are white with light streaks of gray and brown toward the wing and tail tips.

Short-tailed Hawk Size

They are small-medium-sized birds with their length ranging 37-43cm and a wingspan of 85-95cm. Their weight ranges between 390-450g.

Short-tailed Hawk Behavior

The Short-tailed Hawk hunts from soaring flight while circling areas where they think they could get prey. Their frequent moving pattern is kiting which involves coming to a stop in midair when gliding against the wind.

They attack prey with a vertical swoop and sometimes stop to pause in midair in a step-like pattern before advancing to get prey.

Short-tailed Hawk Food

Short-tailed Hawks are American birds of prey that usually feed on smaller birds. Most of their diet
is made up of red-winged blackbirds and eastern meadowlarks. These birds only hunt adult birds,
they do not seem interested in younglings. They display a frequent maneuver called kiting when
hunting in which the birds hold their wings out and soar in the air. These birds spot birds while
flying at a high altitude, and dive down to capture their prey once it is sighted. Only 11% of their
hunts are successful. Other organisms consumed by Short-tailed Hawks are lizards, rodents,
insects, and snakes. On rare occasions, these birds can also be sighted hunting from perches.

They commonly feed on small birds ranging from the size of small songbirds up to birds of the size of the Mourning Dove. They also feed on snakes, frogs, lizards, rodents, and insects.

Short-tailed Hawk Habitat

Short-tailed Hawks breed in tall riparian forests, such as mangroves or cypress swamps. Outside of
the breeding season, they can be found near coastal areas, suburban areas, and open countries. They
prefer open forests, and they generally roost together in large trees. While hunting they move to
open fields or forest edges, as the wind conditions in these areas are more suitable for their
hunting style.

You can find the Short-tailed Hawk in Pine forests, wood edges, cypress swamps, and mangroves. The main feature about their habitats is their dominant presence in Florida and their proximity to woodlands.

Range and Migration

Short-tailed Hawks are birds of prey with a very long breeding range. They are a common sight in
tropical and subtropical Americas. Their range extends from southeastern Brazil to southern
Florida. Most populations of these birds are migratory. Short-tailed hawks residing in Mexico can
migrate all the way to Costa Rica. South American Short-tailed Hawks are generally permanent

Short-tailed Hawk Nesting

Short-tailed Hawks breed form January to July. These birds are monogamous in nature. Males
court the females by circling above their nest sites. Following this, the males present the females
with prey or nest materials. An interesting mating ritual of theirs is to hold each other by their talons
and tumble towards the ground. Females construct the nests while the males provide them with the
nest material. These nests are usually located at the top of tall trees such as cypresses. Short-
tailed hawks might build up to three nests before finalizing one nest for breeding. They might reuse
the same nests in consequent years or build nests in close vicinity to their older nests. Short-tailed
Hawks only raise one brood annually, which consists of two eggs. While the females incubate the
eggs, the males provide them with food.


Short-tailed Hawk Life Cycle

Female Short-tailed Hawks lay between 2-3 eggs and incubate the eggs for 34 days. The development of young ones from the day they hatch to the day they take the first flight is not well known. Their lifespan is also not known.

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