Northern Shoveler Iron on Patch


Northern Shoveler Iron on Patch

The Northern Shoveler iron on patch is great for collecting or for using as a patch. This Northern Shoveler iron on patch is a limited edition series 1 patch.

Kids love collecting their favorite bird patches. Some ways kids are using patches:

  • Bird Banners: Kids are collecting their favorite types of bird patches and ironing them on to our bird banner.
  • Trading: Kids are trading bird patches with their friends to collect their favorite birds.
  • Bird List: Kids are collecting bird patches for birds that they see while bird watching.

Some amazing features of the Northern Shoveler iron on patch include:

  • The Northern Shoveler design is custom made.
  • Iron on Patch: Easy to apply. Patches can be used on just about anything like our bird banners, jeans, shirts, bags, hats and other items. The glue on the back of the patch makes the patch easy to apply to products. You can also sew it onto items.
  • Size: 3-inch by 3-inch

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Iron on Patches


Bird Watching Education

Bird Watching Academy & Camp iron on patches are great for kids to collect. The bird patches come in many different types of birds. Kids can learn about birds by collecting the Northern Shoveler iron on patch.

Collecting Northern Shoveler Iron on Patches as a Bird List

Kids are collecting bird patches and displaying them on the Bird Watching Academy & Camp Bird Banner. This is a fun way for kids to display birds they like or birds they have seen or birds they want to see.

Trading Bird Patches with Friends

Kids also have fun trading different bird patches with their friends. If your kid needs a bird patch trading partner share our School Program link with their school teacher to get their school participating in our school programs.

Popular Sizes of Iron on Patches

The most popular iron on patches are size 3-inch by 3-inch. Kids are using the patches on many different items. Kids have fun applying these patches to bags, shirts, jeans, hats, backpacks and many other items.

Bird Conservation and Awareness

Also, don’t forget to share this page on social media so other kids can begin learning about birds. A portion of our profits are used to promote bird conservation. Don’t forget the last bird watcher to see the Dodo bird was in 1662.