Northern Cardinal 3D Paper Craft Model


Northern Cardinal 3D Paper Craft Model

This Northern Cardinal 3D paper craft model is a great way to learn about birds and have fun doing it. This model is like a puzzle where you have to connect the pieces together. It is designed for adults or skilled crafty teens. The difficulty level is medium to hard but is fun.

What is included

  • 100 Percent Original Bird Watching Academy Design!
  • Very close to the size of a real Northern Cardinal
  • All of the pieces are PRE-CUT and PRE-FOLDED to make for a more easy Paper Craft
  • Follow the instructions to make this unique Northern Cardinal design!
  • No need for scissors and easy to assemble.
  • Fold and paste according to the instructions and enjoy the fun of assembly.

This product comes in very nice pre-cut and pre-creased numbered pieces and is not intended only for bird lovers but also for arts and crafts enthusiasts. This product is fun for everyone  and only requires a little patience, time, and a smile. Just follow the instructions and have fun!

Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Measures LxWxH (in): 4x5x9

Material: 250gsm pearlescent paper
Shipping: Ships same day or next day

Expect your package within 3-10 days with the US Post Office.


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Northern Cardinal 3D Paper Craft Model


We prefer to use super glue with a nozzle and brush applicator. White wood glue (PVA) and taky art glue is also fast drying and strong.


The pieces are labeled with the part of the bird and by the assembly scheme number. These labeling systems with help you assemble your model. The assembly scheme numbers are recommended, but are not the only way to assemble the model.


Folding is important. Dash lines represent mountain folds and should be folded downwards or away from you. Dot-dash lines represent valley folds and should be folded upwards or towards you. Fold the pieces according to their type of fold.


Start with the assembly scheme piece 1. The gluing numbers are the small numbers around the edges of each piece. The gluing numbers match each other and must be glued together. If gluing numbers are on the same piece, glue them first before attaching them to the next piece.


Be precise when gluing the parts together and make sure the edges align perfectly with the flaps. Make sure the flaps are always glued on the inside of the model. Be patient when gluing and allow glue to dry. Take a break if needed. Don’t apply too much glue or it will get on parts you don’t want it to. If you can’t reach a flap to press together use a pencil.


Paper craft is something that is enjoyed by both children and adults. The reason is that paper is much easier to handle than paints, dyes, woods, and other craft materials. It is conveniently available and inexpensive. It can easily be given to children without the fear of them harming themselves with it, and this makes paper the most preferred for kindergartens and schools for educational purposes. Encouraging easy paper crafts for kids not only enriches their creativity but also keeps them meaningfully engaged.


There are a lot of benefits of art and craft with paper. Many people use art as a way to express their feelings and thoughts without using words. Paper craft for adults is often used for therapeutic purposes, too as it helps people to calm their minds, improve dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. Paper is also one of the most used materials for several DIY craft projects.


There is something soothing and just magical about working with paper. Folding, cutting, and creating some beautiful designs and shapes from just a single sheet of paper is so simple yet aesthetically pleasing. If used and presented in a meaningful way, art and craft with paper has the power to capture many hearts.


Moreover, paper craft has also been a significant part of various cultures around the globe. Origami is an internationally popular form of papercraft that has its roots in Japan. Papier-mâché is another unique art form that involves using waste paper soaked in water and starch to create various shapes. It has its origin in China and was widely used in India, the Middle East, and ancient Europe.


Paper craft has been around for ages. It is one of the oldest art forms used by humans. However, with time, it has evolved. Today, paper artists have created a new form of paper craft known as the 3D paper craft, and it is getting extremely popular.


What is 3d Paper Craft?


In simple words, 3d or 3-dimensional papercraft is the art of creating various life-like 3d objects and items from paper. In this method, the template part of the paper is cut down, folded and the remaining parts are glued together to give the shape a life-like look.


Some of the most popular and commonly made 3D creations are 3D paper bird craft, paper swan, hearts, flowers, and other such designs. They are the preferred choice for various kinds of embellishments and decorations as they enhance the visual appeal of the decor.


Let’s look at some of the reasons why 3D paper craft is getting so popular these days!


1. Enhances Creativity


It is a well-known fact that art & craft with paper can boost your creativity as well as mental concentration. 3D paper craft is an improved version of your usual paper craft. Being able to create 3D objects like birds, or flowers from a simple sheet of paper not only increases your creativeness and concentration power but also gives you the joy of completing a project all by yourself.


2. Suitable for Decorations


3D paper craft can also be used for decorating your art gallery, your baby’s nursery, or your kid’s room. DIY paper crafts give a unique and lovely look to the space where they are hung or kept. Plus, because these objects are made from paper, they are totally safe for kids, and you don’t have to worry about them getting broken either!


3. Reusable and Recyclable


Paper is easy to reuse and recycle. Unlike other metallic and ceramic craft items, paper is easy to recycle. In fact, you can even make paper craft from a waste piece of paper. It showcases your innovative skills and you conserve paper by reusing it, doing your duty by the environment.




If you are also looking for some creative and easy paper craft ideas for your DIY projects and don’t know where to find them, our website is exactly what you need! We have a wide collection of really creative and super easy paper crafts ideas for kids as well as adults.


Moreover, if you don’t want to do it yourself and prefer purchasing some super adorable 3d paper crafts, we offer those too. They are ideal for decorating your rooms as well as for educational purposes for your kids. We also provide the facility of customized construction paper craft as per your needs along with printable 3D paper crafts.


So, what are you waiting for?

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