Missouri State Bird

Missouri State Bird

Missouri cemented its part as one of the 50 states of the US very early, as it was the 2nd state to join the union.  The official registration happened on August 10 of 1821. The capital city of Missouri is Jefferson. The nickname of Missouri is especially odd – it is called the Show-Me state. Well, Missouri certainly has a lot to show you, including its incredible state bird.

What is the state bird of Missouri?

Since 1927, the Eastern Bluebird has been the official state bird of Missouri. It is thought to signify happiness and the bird species is about 6 to 7 inches long at most. The upper part of the body is mostly blue while the chest area is cinnamon red. During fall though, the red takes on a more brick-like color. In Missouri, the bluebird is seen from the onset of spring to November.

  • Eastern Bluebird

What makes the state bird of Missouri unusual?

The unusual part of the Eastern Bluebird isn’t its blue plumage but the red chest that is at odds with the blue color of the bird. It is one of those features that helps differentiate the Eastern Bluebird from the Mountain Bluebirds or Western Bluebirds.

You will usually find the Eastern Bluebird sitting on top of high poles or standing tall on telephone wires. Their calls are short and have a dizzy quality to them. They also suddenly dive for the ground when they spot an insect feeding on.


Eastern Bluebird Migration

Missouri state bird facts

Let’s learn a little more about the Missouri official state bird!

1. To attract a female Eastern Bluebird, the male Bluebirds display their nest cavity. They gather their nesting materials and constantly visit the place where the nest is supposed to be and sometimes sit atop it. The actual nest building is done by the female Bluebird along with the job of incubating the egg.

2. In a year, Eastern Bluebirds might have more than one brood. If the nest is at an early stage, the young might leave the nest once summer arrives. If the nest is at a later stage, the young are likely to stay until winter comes.

3. Eastern Bluebirds prefer munching on insects, berries and some wild fruits. Occasionally, they could be seen enjoying really large prey- the kind you wouldn’t think possible for such a small bird. They have been known to capture frogs, snakes and salamanders.

Final Thoughts

If you want to see Bluebird in Missouri, spring might be the best time to visit the state. The Bluebird can be seen perched on trees. You might not notice the Bluebird at first because of how well they blend into the green scenery. However, once you do notice them it is impossible not to be captivated by their beautiful, deep sea blue color.  These birds seem to be made to be captured in photos. So, if you are in search of the Eastern Bluebird, don’t forget to take your camera with you to take some amazing stills.


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