Maine State Bird

Maine State Bird

The 23rd state by order of admission, the state of Maine, had its official registration in the year 1820. The exact date for this happy day of the state was March 15. Maine has the city of Augusta as its capital. For its nickname, Maine is known as the Pine Tree State. These Pine trees certainly do help the Maine state bird hide from view.

What is the State Bird of Maine?

Maine admitted the Chickadee as its state bird in 1927. The Black-capped Chickadee is seen all over the woods in Maine as it is seen in your backyard. Additionally, they have a thick, round body with plenty of white feathers. They have a straight, black color bill. There is a bit of black on the top of their head and they have brown eyes. The feet and claw have a color that’s sort of a mix between blue and gray. They also have a really large head and are about 5 inches in total.

  • Black Capped Chickadee

What Makes the State Bird of Maine Unusual?

The most unusual thing about Black-capped Chickadees has to be their unusual body. Their tiny body is a huge contrast to the round, oversized head they have. As a result, the Chickadee is considered cute almost universally. They are also known to be curious beings.

Whatever area they deem their territory, they will thoroughly investigate it. If humans are around the area, they would be investigated too. As a result, the Black-capped Chickadee is one of the bird species that we know most about, due to their penchant for coming close to the human population.


Black-capped Chickadee Migration

Maine State Bird Facts

Let’s learn a little more about the Maine official state bird!

1. The Black-capped Chickadee actually stashes away the seeds and other foods they will eat in safe places. Every item has a special, different spot dedicated to them. Furthermore, they have a great memory which helps them remember even thousands of these very hidden spots.

2. Chickadees have really complex calls. It is almost as if they have a language of their own. Through these calls, they communicate on the identity of flocks and other information along with whether a predator is close by or not. It is noted that the more Dee sound you hear in a Chickadee call, the higher is the threat level deemed to be.

3. When autumn arrives, the neurons containing old information in their brains are allowed to die. This opens up space for new information and the old neurons are exchanged with new ones. These neurons help them adapt to social situations and fight against the environment. So, despite having a tiny brain like more birds, Chickadees are one of the most intelligent species out there.

Final Thoughts

Chickadee is such a fluffy bird and its presence certainly makes Maine a warmer state. They are a colorful bird species who certainly look good on camera. If you go birding in the state, it’s a must that you capture one picture of the Chickadee!


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