How to Clean Your Hummingbird Feeders

If you’re someone who has made it a point to feed hummingbirds, your duty isn’t limited to feeding them. No, you’re also in charge of making sure the hummers are healthy and don’t get sick as a result of imbibing from your feeder. And a huge part of that comes from providing them with a feeder that’s in the best cleaned condition possible. We outline How to Clean Your Hummingbird Feeders.

Not only is it simple logic a bird should feed from a place that has gone through proper hygiene maintenance, it’s also known that hummingbirds tend to prefer drinking from a clean feeder. In fact, they would choose to rather not eat at all then intake bad nectar. So, if you want to keep enjoying the visits from these precious birds, you should know how to clean hummingbird feeder.

1 . First Step: Make Sure The Feeder Is Empty

If there’s any nectar left behind in your feeder, you should first start by emptying it. Pour the remaining nectar out and then flush it with hot water to make sure there isn’t a speck of the nectar still sticking to it.

On that note, nectar spoils very easily, so it’s advised to not be reused.

2. Second Step: Disassembling

Start by detaching the base and then work up to all the connected parts until you have taken apart the feeder as much as you possibly could. Any part of the feeder that can be removed, like the perches or the insect guards, should be removed. This will allow you to give every area a proper cleaning.

However, keep in mind that if a part isn’t coming off, you shouldn’t force it.

3. Third Step: Soak It

Take out a tub and fill it with soap and hot water, essentially creating a solution. Now, place all the parts of the feeder in it. Let it absorb the cleaning product for about 2 hours. This way, any residue left behind, along with the slight mold your feeder might have collected will be loosened.

4. Fourth Step: Time To Scrub

To scrub the feeder, you should use a bottlebrush or a toothbrush. Scrub every part of the feeder as properly as you can. Pay special attention to the area with molds or residue nectar. This is the main step in How to Clean Your Hummingbird Feeders.

If your feeder is particularly dirty and the spots are still visible, add the slightest bit of dish soap and about one spoon of rice into the feeder. Then fill about two-third of it with water and shake the feeder thoroughly. This should take out the last remaining spot warrior.

5. Fifth Step: Rinse It

Well, this is the most easiest and obvious step. After you have thoroughly scrubbed the feeder, pour out the cleaning solution. Now, wash the feeder with cold water so that every last bit of dirt and soap is washed out for good.

6. Sixth Step: Drying It

Neatly place all the parts of the feeder in a towel or a dish rag. Hung it out to dry completely. Once, it’s dry, you can reassemble it. And there, you have it. Your feeder is clean, good as new and ready to be filled with nectar for hummingbirds.

Final Thoughts

You know how to clean your hummingbird feeder but do you have any idea how often you should do this? Pretty often, actually. Make it a point to empty the feeder and refill it every three days. For the cleaning part, you should at least do it once a week.

Not only is it simply hygenic to clean it as often as possible, you will also be collecting less mold and dirt this way.

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