Birds in Washington

Birds in Washington

Lots of things contribute to make Washington a wonderful state for birding. A huge part is owed to the habitat, which is beyond diverse. From Coniferous forests to a truly lengthy coastline, Washington lets bird watchers in lots of fun.

What Is The State Bird Of Washington?

Willow Goldfinch has been Washington’s state bird since the year 1951. Referred to as American Goldfinch and Wild Canary as well, the bird species have a completely yellow tone with the wings and tail having dark color to them along with a slight bit of black right on top of the head. Goldfinches are quite active and have seemingly no fixed pattern for their flying.

What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Washington?

Olympic National Park doesn’t only let you see some high elevation birds but also offers you a splendid view of the Washington mountains. In here, we have Varied Thrush, Townsend’s Warbler, Barred Owl, American Dipper and so many more.

Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is about 5 mile long, in all purpose a sand pit and most certainly a narrow area. It will offer you one of your best birding experiences. You have the possibility of seeing Pigeon Guillemot,  Marbled Murrelet,  Semipalmated Plover and Sanderling among many birds here.


How Many Birds Can You See in Washington?

506 species are seen around Washington. King, Clallam, Skagit, Grays Harbor and Snohomish are the counties with most species of bird activity in Washington. The numbers for these counties are 383, 379, 368, 358 and 346.

Neah Bay Town’s species count is at 288 and is certainly counted amongst the hotspots, when a bird watcher wants to get the best of Washington. Discovery Park and Point No Point both have the species count of 279 and loved by birdwatchers.

Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge is famous for the migrating shorebirds experience. You are likely to see some Dunlins, Black-bellied Plovers, Red Knots, and Semipalmated Plovers.

Top Birds To See In Washington

If you have a hummingbird in your state, it’s probably among the top birds. That’s simply how it is. Anna’s Hummingbird in Washington is no different. People love listening to the humming of the bird and it helps that the species is simply a beauty.

Tyrant Flycatcher is another top one amongst the birds in Washington. It might be a tyrant among the other bird species but people do love looking at this green ball of a bird.

Common Birds To See In Washington

Seattle, Spokane and Vancouver are frequented by Mourning Dove and Steller’s Jay. Song Sparrows are also a common site in all these cities. In general, Seattle is brimming with all kinds of bird species. Even some rare bird species can be a common sight in and around Seattle.

Final Thoughts

A loopy, extensive birding trail endeavours to cover all the best birding sites of Washington. However, if you even stick to Seattle, you will still be able to enjoy at least 200 species. You just need to plan your trip in the city thoroughly.

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