Birds in Maine

Birds in Maine

For any kind of traveler, Maine can offer up quite a change in the landscape. From mountain peaks to a beautiful forest filled with conifers to lighthouses worth checking out, the best part of the tourist attraction is that all these places fall under birding destinations as well.

What Is The State Bird Of Maine?

Blacked-capped Chickadee, one of the most common sights in Maine, is also the state bird since 1927. It’s a short bird species with a big head and a round body. The feathers, bill, feet and claws, everything is small sized. The plumage is mostly white with a little black at the top and gray color at the feet. The feathers are black color with little stripes of white in them.


What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Maine?

Acadia National Park is considered amongst one of American’s most famous national parks, loved for its rugged look. Tranquil ponds and rough cliffs characterize the area. As do the herds of Atlantic birds such as Common Tern, Great Cormorant, and Red-throated Loon. The inland trails would lead you to Pine Siskin, Black-throated Blue Warbler, and Magnolia Warbler.

Known for housing one of the most iconic lighthouses of Maine, Quoddy Head State Park is about 541 acre. Common Eider, Razorbill though scarce and Great Black-backed Gull are seen throughout the year while summer visitors are the Black-legged Kittiwake and Northern Gannet.

On Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge we see the nesting habits of Spruce Grouse, Veery and Magnolia Warbler among many others. American Woodcock is considered one of the special birds of the refuge, even having a special access trail for differently abled people so they can see the courtship of the species from April to May.

How Many Birds Can You See in Maine?

Birds In Maine amount to about 448 species. In Cumberland, if you have enough time and are lucky enough, you have the chance of seeing at least 376 species. York also has a high count with 374. Lincoln, Hancock and Knox counties are a little lower with 348, 342 and 341 count but you might find species there that you couldn’t see in York.

If you want to see the most amazing mixture of bird species in one place, Monhegan Island should be the obvious choice with its pull of 308 species.  Biddeford Pool–East Point Sanctuary and Stratton Island are the next two best options with 271 and 269 species gathered in an area.

Top Birds To See In Maine

Can you mention birds in Maine and not immediately think about Atlantic Puffin? In some ways, these species look extremely similar to penguins with black upper body, white belly and red beak and legs. Yet, they are so small that they don’t even cover 3/4th of penguins.

Eider is another top bird of Maine, though a rarity. Happy to spend their time in the water, this species is colorful when it comes to its face and neck but takes a monochromatic shade after that.

Common Birds To See In Maine

Portland is a bit too accustomed to Black capped Chickadee. It’s almost impossible to tour the city and not see the bird everywhere. Though it’s always a pleasure to come across it.

Augusta and Bar Harbor are used to Juncos and Tufted Titmouse. However, who doesn’t love seeing the adorable species roaming around town?

Final Thoughts

If you can fulfil your birding dreams and spend your time feasting your eyes on the beautiful scenery around you, isn’t that the ideal life? Well, Maine is certainly willing to make all those dreams come true.

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