Birds in Indiana

Birds in Indiana

The 40 mile long shoreline Indiana has along lake Michigan has allowed Indiana to develop quite a few birding spots with rare birds such as kittiwakes spotted in the area. There are specific viewpoints you can settle on which will allow you to see plenty of birds flying over, all counted among the beautiful birds in Indiana. It’s easy to see why birdwatchers in Indiana are always excited at the prospect of birdwatching.

What Is The State Bird Of Indiana?

Cardinal, which is often referred to as the red bird, was officially adopted as Indiana’s state bird in 1933. The male species tend to be entirely red, a fiery color. However, the female species is slightly reddish-brown with the crest, tail and wings being a dull red tone.


What Are The Top Spots To Go Bird Watching In Indiana?

Among all the sites for finding birds in Indiana, Indiana Dunes State Park boasts the highest number of species. From the Kirtland’s Warbler which is classified as endangered to Pileated Woodpecker and Scarlet Tanager, this is not a place any birder would get bored, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are.

About minutes away from Interstate 65, Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge has forests, croplands, scrubs and lakes for a variety of birds to breed in. Wood Duck is one of the most common breeders while Marsh Wren and Prothonotary Warbler are harder to come by.

How Many Birds Can You See In Indiana?

Birdwatchers in Indiana can attest to a count of 417 species in the state. Lake has about 349 bird species while Porter has a slightly shorter count with 341. Gibson and La Porte both have 324 species while Monroe stops at 312.

An undisputed hotspot for birds in Indiana is Indiana Dunes SP with 308 species of various kinds gathering there year-round. Birders would also like Miller Beach, Lake Street, and Eagle Creek Park where the count is 294 and 284.

Top Birds To See In  Indiana

Great Egret is a species with a height that only a few bird species can catch up to or be taller than. It’s the kind of bird that makes both bird watcher and non-birdwatcher stop in their tracks, as they try to make sense of the White long-necked bird with an orange yellowish bill.

As we said, few birds are taller than the Great Egret, like the Sandhill Crane. Surprisingly, most of the height of this species is a contribution of its long legs rather than the neck. In fact, the neck is a bit small and folded back, making it look like the head is connected to the shoulders.

Common Birds To See In Indiana

Indianapolis is quite acquainted with White-throated Sparrow, everyone’s favorite backyard bird. That’s not all though, even Red-winged Blackbird, and Pine Siskin are a common site in the city.

Bloomington is always filled with Northern Cardinal along with some eastern bluebird and House sparrow. These common birds of Indiana are simply adorable, small birds that everyone can’t help but love.

Final Thoughts

Indiana might have a lower count of species than a lot states in United states, but the experience you get wandering among the rich habitat in Indiana to spot some rare birds makes it one of the top places for birdwatchers.

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