Birds in Connecticut

Birds in Connecticut

The best birding destinations in Connecticut are all on Long Island Sound, or well, the shore of it. Observers get the chance to spot plenty of waterfowls, seabirds and shorebirds here.

What Is The State Bird Of Connecticut?

The General Assembly adopted the American Robin as the official state bird in 1943. A distinctive feature of the bird is the reddish brown chest it has along with its call, which is cheery and loud in nature. The bird species also has a yellow bill and an overall black plumage with splashes of white in them.


What Are the Top Bird Watching Spots In Connecticut?

Sherwood Island State Park is certainly among the best birding sites in Connecticut. Tourists and Beach Goers tend to visit the park a lot during summer but from fall to spring, the land is left for the bird enthusiast. You are likely to see some Long-tailed Duck, loons, mergansers Northern Gannet here.

Hammonasset Beach State Park is the largest beach park in Connecticut. The campsites in the park easily exceed the number 500 for the lovers of summer season. Bird watchers are interested in it for the woodlands and marshlands. You will find American Bittern, Dovekie, Western Kingbird and Ruff here.

How Many Birds Can You See in Connecticut?

Connecticut has a good balance of birds with about 445 species found in the state. New Haven has about 401 species. The rest of the counties don’t defer that much in number and all have individual appeals, both for different species and terrain you might want to sightsee on the quest for birds. Fairfield with 390, New London with 365, Middlesex with 365 and Hartford with 329 are all beautiful places.

Milford Pt. and Hammonasset Beach SP have a species count of 316 and 317. Both these areas along with Sherwood Island State Park which has a species count of 311 are a paradise for birdwatchers.

Top Birds To See In Connecticut

Summer Tanager is one of the birds in Connecticut that are quite loved. It’s a red bird and as you suspect from the name, tends to show up in summer. It’s also a small species with an extremely small bill. The calling of the species is quite pretty.

Oystercatcher is another bird of Connecticut you might be eager to see. They are a small, short species with black top and black wings with a clear white chest. They also tend to be found more along the shorelines.

Common Birds To See In Connecticut

Bridgeport and New Haven are filled with American Goldfinch.  House finches and Tufted Titmouse are also quite common in cities like Hartford and Stamford. These backyard birds are a delight to see no matter what state you are in.

Final Thoughts

In summer, the beaches in Connecticut are quite crowded. If you are a bird watcher, it’s best to visit during fall and spring, the optimal time.

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