10 Amazing Facts about Adelie Penguins

These 10 facts about the Adelie Penguin will have you packing your bags for Antarctica! Adelie Penguins are beautiful birds with distinct colorings. They are built for winter weather and love to fish! They have big families and large homes. Adelie Penguins are impressive birds!

10 Amazing Facts about Adelie Penguins

1. The Adelie Penguin is easily identified by its black and white colorings.

Adelie Penguins have black bodies and heads with white bellies. Its beak has pink and black spots and its feet are light pink. Adelie’s most special marking is the white ring around both eyes!

2. Adelie Penguins love the cold!

Adelie Penguins mostly live in Antarctica, only occasionally swimming up to South America. They love to hang out on icebergs. They must have really warm feathers!

3. Adelie Penguins have two homes.

These penguins love sea ice and marine waters, but when it’s time to breed they go to ice-free rocky coasts. Unlike most penguins, they shed their feathers on ice instead of land!

4. Adelie Penguins have big families.

Adelie Penguins live in colonies, which means a big group of penguins. They have to find large open areas to accommodate everyone! Can you imagine that many siblings?

5. Young Adelie Penguins are travelers!

When Adelie Penguins are still considered immature (not adults yet), they remain out on the ice for 2-3, sometimes up to 5 years, before returning to their home colony. They just want to see the world before settling down.

6. The Adelie Penguin loves to eat.

These penguins mostly eat krill, with the occasional fish. They hunt by diving, usually to about 35 meters below the surface. Adelie Penguins hunt by night!

7. Adelie Penguins can be very noisy.

At the colony, the penguins are very loud. Most penguins like to show off using a loud rolling “aar-rar” sound. When they need to contact each other, they use throaty barks. When they are angry, they use growls and grunts.

8. Adelie Penguins make nests close together.

These penguins make nests close to each other, out of depressions in the ground surrounded by a line of pebbles. They usually lay up to two eggs. Both parents help keep the eggs warm.

9. The Adelie Penguin is not globally threatened!

The Adelie Penguin is not globally threatened, which means it is not anywhere near in danger of going extinct. The numbers of these penguins seem to be increasing!

10. Adelie Penguins are the most studied penguin.

People have set up many research stations around these penguins. Sometimes this hurts the penguins because they have to leave their homes. These penguins do the best without human interference, just like most other animals!


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